DaCapo II S.S – I Love Yume


Episode 10 had some great Sakura and Otome drama, and now {episode 12}, it’s Yume’s turn. I’m glad that Yume didn’t become all emo and depressed and pushed away or stayed away from Yoshiyuki. At the contrary, she decides to spend some time with Yoshiyuki before her “dream” comes true.

You really gotta admire Yume, she knows what is happening to Yoshiyuki and that everyone’s memories of him are being erased, but yet, she has accepted it and decides to finally voice her feelings and say what she has been holding inside all along. It’s not that she has given up or won’t search for a way to save him, it’s because she knows that anything she sees in her dream comes true…no matter what she tries to do. Like what happened in that Snow Mountain or her birthday.

But yet, even though she knows Yoshiyuki will be gone and could have easily stayed with him until the end, she tells him to have his final moment with Otome. And just as she predicted…Yoshiyuki disappears…


6 thoughts on “DaCapo II S.S – I Love Yume

  1. Whut?

    Bad end? In a Da Capo show? No wonder I thought of dropping it. DC2 after Nanaka being locked up and the damn focus on Minatsu killed the show for me. Now you tell me they go to this kind of end to the show?

    I think I´m dropping this one as hard and fast as I can.

  2. @manga: No no no, this isn’t the end, there’s one more episode left! I guess I should have mention that in the post… >_>

    But I don’t think this would qualify as a Bad End. If anything, an ending like this would be more fitting because of how darker the anime as become as episodes went by. I actually wouldn’t mind this ending, I prefer it more than Yoshiyuki coming back and having a happy ending. But since there’s one episode left, it leads me to believe that Yoshiyuki will come back and have a good end…but we’ll see.

    P.S: Just pretend that first season didn’t happen and DaCapo II SS would be that much more enjoyable!! ^_^

  3. me guatari que toshiyuki volviera y tuviera un final feliz , se lo merece despuesde todo ayudaba a todso sus amigos .
    Y a el nadia lo ayudo merece ser feliz, a mi me gustaria que se quedara con yume, ella estuvo con hasta el final

  4. I’ve been pulling for Yume since the beginning! I actually haven’t had a chance to watch episode 12 yet (I skimmed it a bit), but I’m curious how all this is going to wrap up.

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