Do You Love Firefox?

Download Day

Then why not help the people at Mozilla set a new Guinness World Record? They’re aiming for “Most Software Download in 24 hours” and all you have to do is download Firefox 3, which is faster and safer, on June 17, 2008! Simple!! ^_^

Show your love for THE best browser by helping it go into the Guinness World Records! Click the badge up there for more info and to pledge!

10 thoughts on “Do You Love Firefox?

  1. I’m on it!

    When I bought my new computer, the first and only time I opened up Internet Explorer was to download Firefox.

  2. I have Mozilla Firefox other than the old, usual Explorer. After using it, I never wanted to go back to my old explorer again. Agree Firefox is faster and broader.

    One thing though that I wish Firefox will incorporate into its system: When something happens that needed the program to close, Firefox losses all off-line web pages. It loses pages in its History. In Explorer, one has to intentionally delete Temporary Internet files to lose history.

  3. @Hynavian:

    Firefox 3 consumes WAAAYYYY less memory than IE or Firefox 2. In fact, developers plugged more than 350 memory leaks. You may notice that your computer slows down over time with FF 2 opened, and even after it’s closed it consumes memory.

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