Useless Realization

You know what I just realized? That the five members of the Student Council from “Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight” all have a name that starts with a hiragana from the “m” column!!

I found out when I was renaming images so they could be found faster. When I realized it, I went to search for a group image of all the five girls, which I oddly don’t have, to post it here…and found this:


Gaaa-n! orz
Guess someone realized it a lot faster than I did… ”orz Way to rain on my parade…

This was a useless post in more than one way… -_-

6 thoughts on “Useless Realization

  1. @Corban: Oh! I see what you mean! The vowel after the “M” is the start of their last name!

    @Ravage: Not to stupid people like me… ^_^’

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