The Forgotten Cutie


If it wasn’t for that picture, I would’ve forgotten how adorably cute Hirai Yukari was… -_- If anyone doesn’t know her, she’s the character that Shana usurps in order to stay close to Reiji Maigo…BUT WHY? WHY DID SHE HAD TO DIE!? >_< Couldn’t some other character teach the meaning of existence to Yuuji? *sigh* It’s always the pretty ones… -_-

Sadder thing is…I’ve only seen TWO Yukari images on Danbooru…

12 thoughts on “The Forgotten Cutie

  1. Yeah, I liked Yukari about 9000x better than Yoshida Kazumi…it is a crime against all things moe that Yukari went sayonara after the first couple episodes. Maybe someday she’ll get a Mahou Shoujo Yukari-chan spinoff or something, but I won’t hold my breath until then…

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