New “New Suzumiya” Season?


According to these sources, who found scans of an un-released New Type magazine, say that Season 2 of Suzumiya Haruhi has been canceled and replaced with a new project…a “new Haruhi”.

Huh? O_o What does that mean? I dunno… -_-

But it seems it will still be about “Disappearance” since that long haired Haruhi seems to be her child self. This new Haruhi will have new animations and probably plot, and I’m fine with it, just as long as they stay don’t go too far off tangent.

3 thoughts on “New “New Suzumiya” Season?

  1. Haruhi disappears and Haruki takes over, and soon the cast is replaced with their genderbent versions. Just as keikaku’ed. (◕ ◡ ◕)

  2. @Shin: Damn! Everything is going to Keikaku that it impedes boku no plans! >_<

    @deftoned: Haha! Wrong Suzumiya! ^_^

    Speaking of which, both Suzumiya’s have long hair and short hair at some point, but I prefer both of them with short hair! ^_^

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