DaCapo II S.S – Unstoppable Sakura Tree

Those black things are the “bad” wishes…

Wow…What does it take to stop the Sakura tree? It has already taken two lives…Sakura’s and Junichi’s…and yet it’s still up to it’s mischief. And since both ‘magicians’ are gone now, it’s up to Otome, who is taking it quite hard, so much as to push Yoshiyuki away.

But you know, if it wasn’t for that spoiler, this episode {and probably the ones coming up} would’ve been more dramatic… -_- But still, I’m glad DaCapo II Second Season is staying true to the DaCapo formula…that is, having everything center around the Sakura tree and/or magic.

2 thoughts on “DaCapo II S.S – Unstoppable Sakura Tree

  1. And it’s all up to Otome. Does it mean Otome is the most powerful magician in the Da Capo world evar? She should wear a robe just like Sakura/Aisia, should look cool and spicy.

    Part of the classic Da Capo formula is the love war between sis-con and sis-con. Judging from what we see so far though, DCIISS doesn’t give any romantic bias on either Asakura sister, so I guess the yummy-incest angle is all gone now.

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