When infatuation goes too far…

…it officially makes you a creepy disturbed guy… ”’orz

The ones with “X_” are the Naughty ones! ;)

I jokingly wrote somewhere, don’t remember where, that I was going to die of major blood loss and moe when I browse through my Manaka Komaki folder…and with curiosity, I went and checked to see how many images I have. The number completely blew me away!

415 IMAGES!!! O_O* Holy mother of F#%K! I absolutely adore Manaka and save most pictures of her I come across the internet…but I didn’t know I had THAT many! {And that’s NOT including the HCG I have in the ToHeart2 XRATED folder.}

Manaka is THE ONLY anime character I have a whole folder dedicated to! I don’t know what it is about Manaka that makes me so infatuated. I mean, she’s just like your typical shy iinchou you see in every anime and I’ve seen the shy overworking type many times before and there are other more well-developed characters out there…but yet, unlike any other character, I like everything Manaka. It’s one of those things I can’t explain…

I’m pretty sure everyone has a character they like above everyone else. For me, cute Komaki Manaki is that character! ^_^

I’ll leave with a sketch I’m not to fond of, it’s not just what I envisioned it to be…I’ll make a new {better} one later:

It’s the jaw-chin area I don’t like… -_-

8 thoughts on “When infatuation goes too far…

  1. I have to say I´m not suprised. Sure I´m nowhere near you in the ammount of images of the same girl, but for images, well it feels kinda little :p

    But then again, I haven´t check my images folder for a single girl in a long long time. But I think I got atleast 10 or so of the same girl.

  2. @Shin: I’m guessing you want the ones with “X_” in the file name!!! ^_^

    @manga: That’s ONLY for the folder of Komaki, my complete images are over 40,000!!! Though…that also includes some manga scans… -_-‘

  3. 415 images? I usually start hitting the delete button when there are 100 images in a folder as I aim to save space. After spending like a whole day trying to decide which pictures to keep, I’ll have 80 images at the end of the day, not much of a difference. >.>

    PS: Love that sketch, awesome looking! (:

  4. Yeah, I understood that it was only of Komaki.

    Images are also manga scans. I only had about 16,500 on my harddrive. But then again my images are scattared around my HDDs so I can´t say for sure how many there really are.

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  6. O.O holy crap, I should check my HD for pics one day >.>

    Nice pic as well; you should try fixing the jaw/chin area too, I’d love to see a final =D

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