Loli to Traps no Koto

Motivator Traps

This was going to be originally a {short} post about Lolis and why they appeal to me. But after reading a few blogs and seeing Nadeshiko’s revelation, I decided to add traps in here and figure out why it is that we like them.

Motivator Traps


Cardcaptor Sakura - Kinomoto Sakura
Everyone’s loli fetish is traced back to moe defining Sakura~!

I wouldn’t call myself a lolicon at all, but because I have claimed to like loli characters…I guess I’m automatically one. -_- “Lolicon” comes with this bad connotation, like that motivator up there, which is the main reason I wouldn’t consider myself a lolicon. I’ll rather say I have a loli-moe just like I have a twin-tail-moe and a tsundere-moe. I just like them because they’re extremely cute~♥, and not because of some sexual attraction…

I don’t have any sexual fantasies about these {loli} characters nor would I like to watch them depicted sexually. Yes, that sounds hypocritical coming from a guy who posted a pantsu Sakura image! -_- {I guess I should have used the word graphically.} I don’t mind pantsu or sexy poses, but if it’s loli-pr0n, meh, not interested.

ARGH~! >_< This is becoming harder to write than I initially thought. There’s too many contradicting things that I’m saying!! No matter what I say, I’ll still be labeled a lolicon…Anything with pantsu is already labeled as pr0n anyways! >_<

*sigh* I guess I’ll have to deal with people thinking of me as a lolicon because I’m read/watched Ichigo Mashimaro or because I had a pantsu loli wallpaper

And to give people the wrong idea, as if I need more, here’s some more loli images.


Saint October - Hayami Kotono Shirafuji Natsuki

Moetan - Pastel Ink

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha - Testarossa Fate Takamachi Nanoha

Nanatsu Iro Drops - Akihime Sumomo


Simply put, I just like these loli characters because they’re so adorably cute~! ^_^


Guilty Gear XX - Bridget
Quite possibly the most famous trap.

What is it? What is it that makes us like traps? Is it the fact that most of them are cuter and act more feminine than actual anime girls? Is it because of people’s reaction when they see the truth? Or the fact that they make us laugh when they’re all over an unsuspecting guy!? O_o

I guess it’s because of all those reasons! ^_^ At first, I was appalled by the concept of guys looking and acting like girls. In fact, one of my most hated character types are those passive wimpy ukemi males who cower at everything. But if they look and act like a girl…I guess I’m fine with it? But then again, these traps don’t {usually} act passive or wimpy…

Anyways, as I watched more and more anime and got more open minded…I started to not mind traps. I guess I’m fine because I’m not the one being trapped…even though I fall for them… ”’orz These characters add an extra element of fun to the series and are usually there for comical reasons, which I guess is another reason why I like them. I’m well aware that these are guys, and I assure you I’m not gay, but I just can’t help but like their presence in the anime…and yes, I would say they are very cute! I’ve even begun to look forward to seeing them, like I did with Mako-chan in Minami-ke.

I even reached a point where I chose to watch an anime because there is a trap in it!! O_O WTF!? WTF indeed! I just hope that anime, Happiness! if you’re wondering, is actually good! ^_^’

And just like lolis, there’s no way in hell I would {intentionally} want to see these characters graphically! But I’m bound to come across them {like I have already -_- } as I browse around them image boards…

Side Note: Are there any female traps…characters that look and act like guys but are actually girls? At the moment, I can’t think of any of them except Touma {Minami-Ke}.

Minami-ke - Minami Touma Mako-chan (Makoto)
Gender Confused Couple FTW!


Shugo Chara! - Fujisaki Nadeshiko

Moyashimon - Yuuki Kei

H20 Footprints in the sand - Yakumo Hamaji

Happiness! - Watarase Jun


Shameless Addition: BEST MIXTURE OF TRAP AND LOLI!!! ^_^

Minami-Ke - Mako-chan (Makoto)

KYAAA~! MAKO-CHA~N~♥!!! ^_^


Ah man! This is so weird!! >_< I mean, I like these {loli and traps} characters, but in real life, I sure don’t have any interest in them. I can’t stand little kids, they’re too loud and annoying. Plus, they can’t keep their grubby little hand off my stuff!! As for real life traps…I don’t think I would be disgusted by them. It’s their choice what they want to be, but if they get a bit TOO friendly with me…it’s then when we will have problems!!

I guess it’s time I head back into Happiness! and oogle at Jun… -_-

31 thoughts on “Loli to Traps no Koto

    • Anime will turn you into “pansexual” eventually…

      Trust me, I used to be heterosexual, then I took an arrow in the kn… I mean, then after watching different anime (and hentais, of course) my sexuality upgraded by itself, WITHOUT ASKING ME!

      You are not bisexual, bisexual is the one who likes manly men AND feminine women. But WE LIKE androgynous people, traps… and others cuties too, so you should call yourself pansexual ;)

  1. Many female traps especially in shoujo anime, including the always awesome Haruhi (Ouran) and the girl in Hanakimi.

    For a bishoujo example, yea I can’t think of many right now. Kudou from D.C.S.S. (if you ever watched Da Capo) was also a trap but the anime never explored it.

  2. agree with the whole liking loli characters and traps but not caring for them in graphic pron. While i love Sakura from CCS, and i don’t mind images of her depicted sexually like in that image you posted, i can’t stand sakura pron, it’s not her character and it’s not something she’d do.

  3. @bluemist: Well, Haruhi isn’t really otoko-ish per se, but she, along with Kudou, is a fine example of a female trap!! ^_^

    @Dancing Queen: Yes, that’s how I feel too! That’s why I’m not a real big fan of Doujinshi!

  4. Mm, female traps? I guess you could say that Haruka from Sailor Moon counts, although far more in the manga than in the anime (if I recall correctly, she first appears in transformed form as a Tuxedo Mask-ish character as opposed to an additional sailor senshi).

    Also, CCS has a one-shot character in the episode with the Silence card who definitely qualifies as a female shouta trap.

    Man, now I’m really wondering… I might have to try to come up with a list now!

  5. A loli doesn’t necessarily has to be a small child, it can also be a small character with child-like {or ‘kawaii’} appearances, like Sumomo or the four girls of Lucky Star {who are in fact high schoolers}.

  6. @53RG10
    Please tell me you’re joking… You can’t be that fucking retarded right? A loli IS a SMALL CHILD. Seriously some peoples scare the hell out of me with their jokes…

  7. “Side Note: Are there any female traps…characters that look and act like guys but are actually girls? At the moment, I can’t think of any of them except Touma {Minami-Ke}.”

    Maria-sama ga Miteru’s Rei Hasekura and Amane Ohtori from Strawerry Panic!, I think. But they’re from yuri series, hence, you might find more female traps if you browse the yuri archives. (:

  8. @Anonymous: The way you answered, with profane words, lets to believe you’re just someone trying to get people mad, a troll. So anything more you’ll have to say would be ignored depending on the contents.

    But I will leave you with some more examples proving that a loli DOES NOT have to be a child, it can also be a character with CHILD LIKE characteristics:

    Hagino Kana from Canvas 2 is still considered a loli character even though she’s a second year high school student.

    Hanamoto Hagumi from Honey and Clover is 18 years old at the beginning of the series and is a second year in COLLEGE, but her child-like appearance still classifies her as a loli character.

    Lumiere from Kiddy Grade is old enough to drink wine {possibly the same age as Eclaire or older}, but she as the appearance of a child, so she too is a loli character.

    —As for a male version of a loli, a shouta, there’s Haninozuka Mitsukuni {Hunny} from Ouran High School Host Club. He’s 17 years old but looks like a small child.

    Now, don’t tell me you think these characters aren’t loli {or shouta in Huuny’s case}. If not, why not? Prove me wrong.

  9. @Shin: All this time you emphasized you’re not gay, yet now, you blamed Japan for turning you gay!! ^_- jk

    @Hynavian: Seeing as the cast of Stawberry Panic! was all girls, there was bound to be a otoko-ish character! How could I’ve missed that… ”’orz

  10. With the exception of Nadeshiko and a couple others, I don’t like most who are traps even BEFORE I learn they are traps. It’s a character’s personality that gets me to like them or not, and in the case of traps, I just don’t like a number of them because of their personalities and not because they’re traps. Same goes for lolis.

  11. @53RG10
    Not talking about age but about body type. Sumomo for once is not a loli character, anybody believing so obviously have no idea about what’s loli. Never said Hagu and such are not lolis, because they look like lolis, unlike characters like Sumomo who looks like teenagers. Also Lumiere is 10 IIRC. No idea why she was let drink wine though, but then again I’m not much of a fan of Lumiere…

  12. @Anonymous: See! There ya go, that’s how one should respond, nice and civil! ^_^

    I see what you mean now, and to an extent, you’re right. But like I’ve said in the previous comments, I classify a loli as a character with a small stature and a physical resemblance to a child…and to me, Akihime Sumomo passes those two requirements.

    On your previous comment, you emphasized that a loli is a small child and a small child only, {that’s what I got from the capitalized letters you typed}, that’s why I added Hagu-chan and the rest to show that a loli doesn’t have to be a child.

    Well, it seems we both have different views on what a loli is, and I’ll be just fine having “no idea what’s loli”.

    P.S: Lumiere APPEARS to be 10 years old, we can’t trust what we see in anime…

  13. Well the point is you’re not a lolicon and I’m a lolicon, so this technically should give you your guesses about who’s right and who’s wrong ;)
    A loli character is a character that looks below puberty, I dunno how some peoples can even start to think otherwise. Breasts are the ennemies of lolis and if you gets aroused by characters like Sumomo it doesn’t make you a lolicon.

  14. Well I did say I don’t consider myself a lolicon! ^_^’

    So a loli is one that LOOKS below puberty…going by that, that would mean Isokawa Niina, a grade-schooler from Tonagura!, and Usa Mimi, also a grade schooler but from Kodomo no Jikan, would not be considered loli?

  15. Of course they’re not, they’re just abberations.
    It’s like stating a character is 1 and looks like an adult. What matters is what the character looks like.
    Also I do agree with you that you are not a lolicon, any person saying otherwise are either clueless or think too much.

  16. Female trap: Kino from “Kino no Tabi”; by the way, that’s a very good anime, I highly recommend it to you… unless you’ve already seen it… *cough*

    I AM LOLICON! <3 KAWAII~! [/all caps]

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  18. That anon saying Usa Mimi isn’t a loli and all that crap is an idiot. Yes, she is a loli, and any girl who resembles a child, and has childlike characteristics (which the term ‘loli’ has meant before, as the word’s had several different meanings over the years) is as much a loli as the actual underage girls are. Empty-headed fool.


  19. Dogkeeper in the anime, “No. 6” is a gender ambiguous character. I’m not finished watching series yet, so I don’t know what gender the person really is.

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