Shugo Chara! – Incest

EEHHHH!!!!?! O_O

That’s a pretty bold move by Utau…but that’s not the thing that surprised me, it was what Ikuto said afterwards. “I’ll get mad because we’re siblings!!”

Gaaaaa~n!! ”’orz


HOLY MOTHER F*CKING CRAP!! O_O WTF!? Huge surprising bomb shell! This surprised me a lot more than Nadeshiko’s ‘secret‘, the fact that Utau and Amu switched shugo charas, or even Amu’s fourth egg {we all guessed that one a long time ago}!

“Holy crap they’re still at it!!!”
I’m pretty sure I had that face too…

Now I know why Ikuto treats Utau so indifferently…I guess there goes that love triangle I looked forward to. -_-

9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! – Incest

  1. what episode are you one? Formula Sub is only to like ep 27 and none of this has been covered yet…

  2. @lostty: I felt the same way…but now that it has sunk in, I have no choice but to accept it… -_-

    @Dancing Queen: Oh yeah DQ, you said it wasn’t covered…were you talking about the manga as well? O_o

  3. I just stumbled onto this post and had to comment because so many memories were brought up. Episode 29…the epic incest episode. Heh, I didn’t have a big reaction because I’d known about this spoiler for months. So for me it was really just fun seeing it all animated. As long as you don’t take Utau’s bro-con too seriously it’s really funny.

    But as far as the love triangles go, there’s still a couple of others that are entertaining to watch. I’m looking forward to episode 33 for those ones.

  4. @FuyuMaiden: I’m looking forward to it because people keep talking about something with “Ice creAMU”. Don’t know what that means, and I don’t want to spoil myself…

    @deftoned I’ll stick with cats… >_>

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