Shugo Chara! – Trap Surpise?


Surprisingly…I wasn’t as shocked as one should be. My reaction was just a monotonic “Eh…really?” I even bought that he was her twin… -_- Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really into Nadeshiko in the first place. It’s Amu all the way for me!! ^_^

Well, now that I caught up to Shugo Chara! {anime}, I think it’s time I catch up on reading Shugo Chara! {manga}, which I hear is drastically different from the anime.



15 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! – Trap Surpise?

  1. wow, i knew that she was a trap. but i never expected them to integrate it into the anime version. i know a certain deftoned will be amazed that they added into the anime…

  2. So that finally revealed the secret? I stopped watching this quite awhile ago, but have kept up with the manga.

    I was surprised when I heard about this in the manga, but unlike what DQ thought, I am not at all surprised they stuck this into the anime. The manga and anime are different, yes, but for the most part there are similarities. A lot of changes really are just moving chapters around. And considering this was important, there was no way they’d leave it out.

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  4. I found out about Nadeshiko being male quite a while ago after being spoiled, and oddly enough I actually find it hot and prefer him to be that way.

    ps I am not gay. Honest.

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  6. I believed the twin thing too =.=, when his mom said “men act, live their lives as women…etc” I had to pause it and read it over again. It’s too weird and gross!!..but if that’s truly his dream then, yeah, good luck with surgery.

  7. @David: It’s not that Nagehiko wants to be a girl or would want to change his sex, it’s a tradition a few {Japanese} families follow. It’s a tradition where they dress up the male as a girl in order to strengthen their ‘manhood’…or so I believe. ^_^’

    Also, there hasn’t been an episode when, or if, Nagehiko returns. I haven’t read up on the manga, so I don’t know if he does return…but it’s safe to say that he does!!

  8. hmm… that’s made me surprise…
    i’m so confuse…
    nadeshiko is male or what???
    they are twin or not???
    this problem made confuse until NOW!!!

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