CLAMP – The Masters of Plot Twists


If you’ve been following Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, you pretty much know how much plot twist and confusion CLAMP has been throwing right smack into our faces. Ever since the Fai Arc, my mind has been messed with countless time. From Fake Fai to Clone Sakura, it has taken some re-read to partially understand and grasp what’s going on…and yet, I’ve loved every moment of it.

And now, we get a pleasantly good bomb that I think everyone will love. Syaoran is the son of Sakura-chan and Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura!! O_O

And to think, since the beginning, I’ve been at peace telling myself that Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has no DIRECT connection to Card Captor Sakura {sans the character’s names and appearances}!! And now, a few links have been connected directly to it. Not only is Syaoran their son, but Sakura-chan actually foresaw what was going to happen and sent her son and paid {with her most precious possession} for him to cross dimensions! Oh man, I can’t wait to see what else CLAMP will fling at our faces! ^_^

7 thoughts on “CLAMP – The Masters of Plot Twists

  1. man i need to pick this back up and there were only two words to describe my reaction… “Holy Crap!”

  2. Whaaaaat?

    Is this a holy WTF moment or have clues been spread across the manga? Because I’ve stopped following TRC and would likely pick it back up if it’s getting better as you said.

  3. It was shocking… But I didn’t get the same level of ∑(O_O )!! as the Tokyo arc. Maybe because that’s what started it and everything else which is shocking after that was kind of expected.

    Still, I admit. I was really surprised when they pulled this off. As a CCS fan myself, I was squealing. Just not “ZOMGWTF!!”, but still squealing. Yet I LOVE twists. ^^

  4. @Dancing Queen: Stick to the manga, that has all the juicy parts!! ^_^

    @bluemist: This was a complete “WTF!!” moment. There were no clues to this whatsoever in the previous chapters. I don’t know if this is a clue, but in the earlier chapters of xxxHOLiC you can see that wand in the storage room of Yuuko’s store.

    @Koji Oe: Anime wise, I would agree with you, but manga wise, I wouldn’t…

    But I still love CLAMP’s work and would follow them all the way! It was actually their work {specifically Angelic Layer} that actually made me go into the world of anime and manga, so they hold a special place in my heart!! ^_^

    @Keiri: Yeah, we all knew something was coming, but the revelation that Sakura and Syaoran actually had a son is just so pleasantly shocking, it seems like it’s something I would read on a Fan Fic! ^_^ {Not that I do, but you know…}

  5. Ah! Yes! That’s the phrase I meant! A “pleasant surprise” instead of “Sunrise ZOMGWTF”. And yes, indeed it is like a dream-come-true fanfic revelation. ^^

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