Shinkuro’s Ability


I’ve been wondering what was up with his right arm! Now we need the explanation on HOW or WHY he has that thing. ^_^

I had high expectations since episode one of Kurenai, and so far it has kept up with them, in fact it exceeded them!! Murasaki {awesome name by the way!! ^_^} definitely had made this a lot more interesting. She is not only the comic relief, but the source of most of the drama going on. Examples are when she visited the school where she caused lots of laughs with her cute-ness and innocence, and on the train ride back home, her chivalry {righteousness} got her in an argument with some guys bullying an old lady. {And In this episode is catching that man’s “lying face”.}


2 thoughts on “Shinkuro’s Ability

  1. In the final episode, Shinkuro explains that the blade in his arm is an implant that he got from the Hozukis, a family well known for its formiddable martial arts and past as assassins.

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