Foreshadowing or Spoiler?

Sheryl: “What do you want for Christmas?”
Etoh: “I want…to disappear…”

We all could’ve guessed Koko would be unable to perform on the puppet show, and because of it Oto-nee was going to be talked into substituting for her. That cliche is not the focus here, it’s the story of the puppet show, which in a way seems oddly parallel to DaCapo II’s story…

For one, the main heroine {Sheryl} uses magic, like Otome, and she goes around and uses her magic to make people happy…I don’t if Otome is doing this but “magician of justice” seems to fit here…And second, their family took in a boy and treats him like their own, just like the Asakura’s did.


But what made think the puppet show was foreshadowing {or a spoiler} was that scene where Sheryl asks Etoh what he wants for Christmas. The decision that comes afterwards is what I think will happen later in the story {of DaCapo II}. The Sakura Tree is acting up, and it’s only obvious to ‘stop’ it, which will probably make Yoshiyuki disappear. Otome will have to decide whether to grant Yoshiyuki’s wish of ‘stopping’ the Sakura Tree or ignore it…both bringing some consequences. But unlike the puppet show’s story, there probably won’t be a ‘miracle’.

Anzu’s story hit a little too close to home huh? Wa~y close, if you connect the dots, it’s a flat out spoiler!!

One thought on “Foreshadowing or Spoiler?

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