DaCapo II S.S > DaCapo II

DaCapo II’s first season pretty much shafted Otome and Yume and focused on other characters like Koko, the already forgotten Minatsu {I need MOAR roboto! >_<}, and fan favorite Shirakawa Nanaka. Also missing was the Magical {doom bringing} Sakura Tree, which is the focal point and cause of DaCapo’s story. No magical tree…no drama. But to a degree, DaCapo II did have some good drama. Like Nanaka liking Yoshiyuki and keeping her feelings hidden from him, much like the first Shirakawa, and Yoshiyuki shafting Koko…

But the Second Season is looking up to be better than the first one. Hell, we could’ve have done better without the first season. What’s better is that they are also focusing on other girls, Anzu in this case, and it’s executed quite well by having both the main story and side stories well stitched. The main story, which is really about the Asakura sisters, starts to move along right off the bat {in episode one} with the Sakura Tree acting up again and causing trouble…and it’s up to Oto-nee the “magician of justice” to fix things up!

Plus, there’s some flashbacks with kawaii-loli-Yume! ^_^

And for the Otome followers:

And for Yoshiyuki’s followers! What’s with the look? There are some who like shouta Yoshiyuki!! This is for them:

Why couldn’t they start DaCapo II’s first season like this? I still don’t think there is a REAL purpose for the first season…it was just your average ‘awkward couple’ type of anime. Hopefully it somehow ties in with this season’s story.

One thought on “DaCapo II S.S > DaCapo II

  1. I still despair over the loss of Nanaka’s love. Oh well. Can’t have everything, I guess.

    And it’s totally Otome’s time to shine this season. Mark my words. :D

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