Yuuki Aira is freakin’ hot…or is she?

Sadly, there’s no way to tell… -_-‘ I don’t really care much about what an artist looks like, I’m fine enough listening to their voice. But every time Yuuki Aira releases a new single, the booklet(s) don’t have any pictures of her. That makes me extremely curious as to what Yuuki Aira looks like.

After a song of hers started playing, “Sekai no Namida” if you’re curious, I typed her name in the search bar to find at least one image of her…but after 10 minutes, I failed and found nothing… -_- I didn’t give up though, I typed in her kanji name…and found nothing, I tried that odd way of romanizing her name, “Aira Yuhki”, but still nothing, I went to the official Lantis website…but she isn’t even listed there {her singles are}, and finally I went to the Japanese version of Wikipedia…and also nothing.

But I did find some interesting news: She’s going to release an album July 26, 2008! {UNCONFIRMED!! I didn’t find anything about it on the Lantis website.} ^_^ Hopefully it’s true, and hopefully it will have at least ONE picture of her!!

The fact that I’m failing miserably at finding a picture makes me that much curious! >_<

What’s the point of this useless post? Don’t know…but if you happen to have a picture of Yuuki Aira, let me know! ^_^’

….That’s two useless posts in a row…I’m really bored… -_-


10 thoughts on “Yuuki Aira is freakin’ hot…or is she?

  1. wow. this yuuki aira is indeed mysterious. but i guess that may help to boost her sales since listeners r curious to know what she looks like.

    i have yet to listen to her songs but i will try finiding it.

  2. @Dancing Queen: YES I WOULD!! >_< I will delete every trace of Yuuki Aira off my computer!! >_<

    Just kidding! I like her songs too much to do that! ^_^ And like I said, I don’t really care what an artist looks like…but it doesn’t hurt to know! ^_^

    @renaye: You haven’t heard one of her songs? Then I would recommend the latest single release “Sekai no Namida” {true tears ED theme} or the first single, “colorless wind” {sola OP theme}! :)

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