Kimikiss Pure Rouge [Final Thoughts]

“Who do you want to kiss?”
Yuumi-chan~♥ ^_^

I’ve admitted it many times, but I would watch a romance anime over any action anime!! Romance anime is one of my preferred genre to watch. Kimikiss had all the elements I look for in that genre, cute girls ;) , girls falling for a guy WHO IS NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER {which destroys the harem}, a love triangle, and a school environment! ^_^

This anime starts of like all typical romance anime does, with a guy {Kouichi} who is way to shy to approach the girl {Yuumi} he likes, usually only doing so by having a third party getting involved. In this case it was Kouichi’s childhood friend…Mao-nee-chan, who obviously likes Kouichi. It would’ve been your typical romance anime if it wasn’t for the Futami X Aihara relationship.

The Futami X Aihara relationship made the anime worth while for me. There really wasn’t anything interesting going on with Yuumi and Kouichi until the later half of the series…even ’till then, it wasn’t as interesting as Futami, Aihara, and Sakino’s problems.

I guess I liked how Aihara was able to change the serious and distant Futami…though the first time they walked to school, Futami acted way out of character…it just felt too weird, good thing it was temporary and it went back to slowly bringing her tsundere and emotional character out!! ^_^

The ending left me with a bit of a bittersweet taste. Out of a possible 4 couples, only two made it out alive. I approve of Aihara X Futami, that’s it. I didn’t really feel much for the other couples. Kouichi X Mao was an expected match, but I just didn’t feel the ’love’ vibe from Kouichi. I felt those vibes more when he was with Yuumi, who, like Sakino and Kai-kun, ended up all alone. :( I also disapprove of Hiiragi X {that iinchou chick from their class}, I was sure it was going to be Hiiragi X Shijou…but oh well.

The best couple though, was Iwao-kun X Juliet!! They were always in ‘rabu-rabu’ mode! Gotta love them love birds frogs!! ^_^

5 thoughts on “Kimikiss Pure Rouge [Final Thoughts]

  1. My friend, you will be proud to know that I have decided to finally start watching Kimikiss this evening. :D Thinking back on it, it is amazing how I didn’t watch it when it was actually airing.

  2. I’m also a Aihara X Futami supporter. I’ve been struggling to accept the Mao X Kouichi pairing though their outcome is rather expected. Yumi might have been a good option too but she just has to leave conveniently for the Mao X Kouichi ending. It didn’t seem bad for those who end up with nobody as Yumi just has to leave and Kai kun’s ultimate love is music. Consolation in some sense.

    Thumbs up for Kimikiss Pure Rogue; been some time since I’ve watched an anime with a lovely ending.

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