Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core {First Impressions}

I don’t seem to blog much about games anymore, the last real video game entry I made was about Xenosaga III, and since then I haven’t blogged about other games I’ve played… But this is a Final Fantasy Game, and if you search my tags for Final Fantasy, I’m sure you’ll find a nice amount of entries! ^_^’

All the Final Fantasy fan-boys get riled up {in defense or defiance} when it comes to one game in the series, that game is Final Fantasy VII. That game gets as much praise as it gets denounced…which makes it the most popular out of all the Final Fantasies. That is to say though, in my honest opinion, not really the best of the series. I give that title to Final Fantasy XII…but that’s me!! ^_^

Anyway, last night I played a few hours of a spin off to Final Fantasy VII…Crisis Core. And because it has “Final Fantasy VII” on the title, I have some good things and bad things to say about the game that I’m sure not everyone will like, but here goes anyways.


Being a Final Fantasy game, I knew there was going to be some sort of a difference in combat system from the other games. Usually, this brings innovation and entertainment. The latest, and best, being Final Fantasy XII’s real time Active Dimension Battle {ADB} System. That was attempted in Crisis Core, which made me happy, but much to my disappointment only the ‘real time’ part was added. It’s great when you get to run around the stage and choose the action you want to perform. But as you get more into the game and realize the true battle system, the entertainment factor goes down.

Crisis Core’s battle system, Digital Mind Wave {DMW}, is based on randomness. That’s the only way I can put it. All you really do is run around attacking enemies making the reel at the left corner of the screen turn. You can’t really tell it when to stop, but sometimes it’ll stop at a certain setting and would make you invincible to any attack and would make MP usage free…and honestly, that happens a little to often. What’s worse is that you CAN’T activate your own Limit Breaks or Summons, it all depends on that reel thing. It sorta destroys any type of strategy, the only one you’ll have to resort is “Run far off and use a Cure spell, then run back in and attack and hope the reel gives you some kick ass Limit Break.”

SIDE NOTE: It gets pretty annoying when you hear “Comence Battle” or “Conflict Resolved” EVERYTIME you enter and win a battle… -_- Also, it seems you can’t change weapons, but that is to be confirmed when I play more of the game.

The Good

Kyaaa~! SEPHIROTH!!! ^_^

One thing Final Fantasy games do right, and do it often, is give you an exciting story to immerse yourself into. That alone is the sole reason to play a Final Fantasy game. I’m willing to overlook any defects a game might have if the story is great and absorbs me into it. And because I ABSOLUTELY loved Final Fantasy VII’s story, and because Final Fantasy VII was the first game to make me cry {Aerith… :( }, I am willing to overlook the DMW Battle System and get further into the game and see the events that lead up to Final Fantasy VII. I’m not going to spoil the game so I won’t say anything more on the story part…I’m not that far into the game anyways! ^_^’

One other good thing is gotta be the graphics. Again, if a game has great story {or characters}, I don’t really mind if the graphics aren’t spectacular. But this game is beautiful!! The in game scenes look great, and the CG movies are breath taking. They’re at Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children level. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll know how great the CGI’s are!! It just made me smile in awe as Ifrit used his Hell Fire on me! It was so awesome that I wished for Bahamut to use his Mega Flare on me!! ^_^ And I’m pretty sure there will be more great {if not better} CG movies like that further into the game.

SIDE NOTE: I’m looking forward to seeing Aerith!! ^_^

This are just my FIRST IMPRESSIONS of the game, these impressions might or might not change as I play the game. For now, there’s only one demographic whom I would recommend this game to, and chances are, they already have it!!

NOTE: Images stolen borrowed from the official Crisis Core website.

8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core {First Impressions}

  1. Call me old school, but I so prefer a simpler TURN-BASED battle system :( I don’t mind some variations of it (e.g., I loved Chrono Cross’ take on turn-based battle), but I wold take the old ATB over what they had in FFXII any day. I need to pick this game up after I beat Puzzle Quest (which is awesome if you haven’t played it yet). Also need to pick up like 3-4 2D fighters. :D

  2. the games not bad since i built my char for heavy attacks and support magic i dont even care when the limit breaks come, it actually does more harm to me then good. for example when dmw activates but fail, u sometimes forget to dodge and take massive damage, i died a couple times like that

  3. No, you can´t change your weapon. Not what I know of anyway.

    I don´t agree with the battle system in FFXII being good since all I had to do was run around and then the game would do everything for me… healing, attacking, boring.

    But oh well, to everyone their own. I just hope the story continues to get better than it is now.

  4. @deftoned: I’ll look into Puzzle Quest, once I’m finished with Crisis Core, Disgaea, Wild Arms XF, and Jeanne D’Arc. Wow, I’m playing lots of games!! ^_^’

    @scarface: That’s the ONLY way to build your character! ^_^’ And I agree wit the DMW interrupting your actions, I can’t count the times I’ve missed using a Cure spell because the DMW activated…I haven’t died because of it though.

    @manga: FFXII Gambit System made things a lot more interesting/easier for me, when a certain condition was met the other characters would do what I set them to do. You don’t know how many times I’ve been saved by the Gambit System during boss fights!! Also, the main character that I used {Ashe or Van} didn’t have gambits at all, I had complete control over their actions. Sometimes I would interrupt other character’s action and choose a more fitting one for that fight.

    One thing I didn’t like from FFXII was the Quickenings, they were too powerful. Yes, that is a drawback for me! ^_^

  5. I stopped playing FFXII around January 2007, and still haven’t gotten around to beating it. :( I put in around 115-120 hours and I’m right about to go into the final area, but I’ve lost all interest in that game. :( How is Wild Arms XF? I used to be a pretty big fan of Wild Arms, but have yet to buy 4 and have yet to start Vth.

  6. Wild Arms XF is great, but its a SRPG, so its kind of different from previous Wild Arms. I just finished that, now I’m starting on Crisis Core.

    Sadly, I don’t really like not being able to change weapons, and the ‘conflict resolved’ part is definitely irritating.

    Of course, terrific CG more than make up for these!

  7. @deftoned: What? FXII was a great game! >_< But oh well…

    I haven’t played Wild Arms XF yet…my brother is hogging it… -_- Right now I’m playing Crisis Core and Jeanne D’Arc. I’ll start Disgaea once I”m done with Jeanne D’Arc.

    @Sol: I’ll take SRPG {Strategy RPG} over ARPG {Action RPG} anytime!! ^_^

  8. I shouldn´t start with Disgaea… 220h + of Disgaea 2, 80h+ of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, but still I own the game so why not :p Just have to find the time for it. What I do want to gain access to is the secret levels in Afternoon of Darkness.

    Jeanne D´Arc is a good game, only that I hate “reinforcements”… which makes me have to level quite a while…

    The same goes for Wild Arms XF, a terrific game and fun to play, but at the moment I have to level my characters up, which sucks.

    And for the gambit system, they did what they were supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I didn´t like that you either had to be a maniac and input a helluva commands in a short time or let the game mind it´s own busniess.

    I played with a lot of character since I wanted them to be somewhat evenly leveled.

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