xxxHolic Kei

Like most of you guys, I didn’t really take a liking to the first season of xxxHolic, it just wasn’t up to par with the manga. I wasn’t going to pick this sequel up, but after I saw this:

KYAAA~! KOHANE-CHAN!!!! ^_^ *faints*
{I gotta stop portraying myself as a fag… -_-‘ }

I reconsidered! ^_^

Well, it looks and feels like the same xxxHolic, art-wise, awesome Yuuko wise, and psycho-screaming Watanuki wise, and it seems it will go down the same path as the original xxxHolic. But after seeing Kohane-chan in the intro, I instantly took an interest in xxxHolic Kei. This season may not have any cross-overs, it may be different than the manga, but if it has plenty of Kohane X Watanuki moments, I’ll be totally up for it! ^_^

One thing for sure, they’ll be some more Watanuki X Doumeki moments to make all the fujoshi faint start drawing! ^_^’

4 thoughts on “xxxHolic Kei

  1. am i the only one who overall enjoyed XXXHolic the first season?
    i also like the manga but i did enjoy XXXHolic very much, i was super excited to hear about this second season since so much from the manga wasn’t covered…

  2. I liked the first season as well, but I also haven’t read much of the manga (yet!). Um, who’s Kohane? Is she from the manga or another CLAMP series?

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