Itazura na Kiss, ToLoveRu, & Kurenai

The face of rejection

Continuing with watching anything with a “01”, I picked up Itazura na Kiss, ToLoveRu, and Kurenai. All which piqued my interest a bit.

Itazura na Kiss is a romantic comedy anime, one of my favorite genres, so this one has a high chance of me continuing to watch. Also, it has that Mizuki Nana factor helping it out. ^_^


Do non-voluptuous alien girls even exists?

Another romantic comedy anime with a mysterious creature, but unlike Kanokon, this time it’s an alien! Also unlike Kanokon, this show a bit more promise. Besides the girl not being a hor*y creature in heat, the male lead isn’t your nerdy guy nor your passive guy, he’s your average bad luck filled guy who has trouble confessing his feelings. And when he does muster up the courage to confess…he confessed to the wrong girl!! ^_^ And obviously, a misunderstanding ensued.

EXTRA NOTE: Bondage during henshin = AWESOME!!


This shows the most promise than any other new series that I’ve seen so far, {excluding Code Geass}. It gives me this Darker than Black feel, in the sense that it seems there are people with abilities/powers and an organization using those powers for “jobs”.

4 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss, ToLoveRu, & Kurenai

  1. Like the winter season, I am going to hold off watching most of the series and just continue with all the stuff I am watching now. The new stuff will definitely trickle in. Actually Itazura na Kiss tops my to watch list… well, you know why. :D

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