Finally Kyou’s Route!!

After many, MANY, attempts at trying to find Kyou’s Route and failing miserably everytime {CLANNAD 09 : 53RG10 0 -_- }, I decided to suck it up and look for some walkthrough to help me out a bit. Much to my surprise, I was doing everything right…with the exception of TWO CHOICE!!! Those two choices was really the factors that always sent me to a DEAD END. And through all my attempts, I never chose the right combination… -_-

But finally I got Kyou’s route and enjoyed more of that “twin sisters fall in love with the same guy” type of drama! I gotta say, the Fujibayashi sister deal is a lot more interesting than the other arcs in the game. There’s plenty of drama and lots of Ryou development, no longer will I call her a shy timid passive iinchou. And honestly, I was chocked up when Tomoya was going to break up with her… :(

If I had to rate all the arcs {that I’ve played through} by how interesting they are, it’ll be:

Kyou/Ryou > Sunohara Siblings > Tomoyo > Nagisa > Kotomi > Yukine > Fuuko > Kappei

Now that I finally found Kyou’s route, I think I’ll follow the walkthrough and see how the other arcs that I haven’t found are like. I’m just missing Misae’s and Komura’s.

And finally, one last thing: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR KYOU!!! >_<

11 thoughts on “Finally Kyou’s Route!!

  1. @hinano: I think she looks a bit weird…but not weird enough to draw me away from her!! ^_^

    @chami: It’s not, I used an UNOFFICIAL patch just so I can go through this arc…but I ended up playing through other arcs as well… -_-

  2. @Crisu: No, I always had that one right. It had to do with something {seemingly} unrelated to the arc. In all my attempts I never chose the combination of “Talk to the old Lady” and “Tear it and throw it away”.

  3. Hm to each his own I guess. Contrary to you I really hated to Kyou route and was like WTF is happening to my Tomoya/Kyou?!?! Emo FTL.
    I’m more like
    Nagisa > Tomoyo > Sunohara Siblings > Baseball > Kotomi > Kappei > Yukine > Misae > Kyou/Ryou > Fuuko > Old man who’s name I forget.

  4. Kyou’s route is the best! After I watched the Clannad anime, I wanted to play the game mainly to see Kyou and Tomoyo XD I prefer Kyou though. Her route was really awesome. My brother and I didn’t like Ryou though. I thought she was kind of scary… like she was smiling but desperate at the same time. *Shivers* That last picture of Kyou you have there was the best one. Basically: “And they lived happily ever after” :) I wish Kyou had an afterstory.

  5. Have to say I really did enjoy replaying the Kyou route. I guess it’s a case of either loving it or hating it. But I personally loved it even though it was tough to watch Kyou especially being so hurt by the events.

    Definitely a route full of drama. Still glad the ending finished on a happy note. Plus can always remember the positive. Hair will indeed grow back :).

  6. i was kind of frustrated when kyou had short hair. one of the main reasons that i was trying to get to her route was because i thought she looked cute with her long hair. does anybody know if there is a way to go out with kyou AND have her keeping the long hair ??

    • Well I can appreciate the feeling about the short hair thing. I didn’t really like it, but could see how it worked for the sake of the story. Besides in the end it’s not a big deal, hair grows back after all. Been a while since I went through that route, but do assume it hints at her growing it back.

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