53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {ED Version}

Well, you’ve read my Top Ten Anime Songs {OP Version}, and now it’s time for my Top Ten Anime Songs {ED Version}!!

I could’ve had this done weeks ago, but I neglected it and I was contemplating whether if I should also allow current songs to have a chance in being on the list. I did for a while, but after seeing the list, I thought it wasn’t fair for the other older songs I’ve been replaying over and over. ^_^’ So I re-did the list without any newer songs. It’s a lot later than I wanted it to be, but better late than never right!? ^_^

As a heads up, all of these are slow type songs, so I may not have much to say about them…

10. Mou hitotsu no Birthday – Fm.Theta / Karin


I still don’t know who Fm.Theta is/are nor what he/she/they looks like, and haven’t found any information after the quick search I just did. But this is a very nice song to start with. Is this a one hit wonder? If so, it’s a good one hit wonder song! ^_^

09. Tsuki Akari – Rie Fu / Darker Than Black

Darker than Black

Not much to say here but that this song has a great sounding voice with slow tempo and rhythm, making it a very nice ED song! I don’t know about you guys, but slow type songs like these are my preferences. But I also enjoy those hard, in your face, songs too!! ^_^

08. mellow melody – Ceui / sola


Another song I can’t talk much about. This is one of the things I dislike when talking about slow songs, all you can really say is how much you like the song or the vocals themselves. So at the cost of sounding redundant, I’ll have to say again that what I really like, aside from the slow mellow melody, is the vocals! ^_^’

07. Mebae Drive – marble / Hidamari Sketch

Hidamari Sketch

For the longest time, I liked this song every time it was shown on Hidamari Sketch. But it wasn’t until a like half a year ago that I actually got the real full size version. It was because there was a wide gap between the releases of a subbed Hidamari Sketch episode and it just kept on flying off my mind. But once I saw it over at deftoned’s top 15 anime OP/ED songs, I dashed to get it!! ^_^

This is the song that put marble on the map for me, and because of it, my marble tracklist is steadily growing…slowly, but it’s still growing!

06. Natsumachi – ROUND TABLE featuring NINO / ARIA the NATURAL


ROUND TABLE is a great band with some really good songs, and “Natsu Machi” is a great song that fits well with ARIA the NATURAL’s ED animation and overall feel of the anime! ^_^ The same thing can be said about “Rainbow” {ARIA the ANIMATION}, but I like this song more.

By the way, that the second track on the Natsumachi single, “Shiosai”, that’s my favorite ROUND TABLE song yet!! ^_^

05. Life is Like a Boat – Rie Fu / BLEACH


As I said many times before, I love songs sung acoustically. No special electrical instruments nor synthesizers here, just some strings and a great voice. But what I really like is the great mix of English and Japanese!! ^_^ Usually, the English part sounds as if it was forced in there or it sounds broken {Engrish}, but since Rie Fu lived in the US for some time, she picked up on the language and sounds great singing in English!

Whenever I listen to this song, I imagine a sad Rukia in that cell waiting for Ichigo to come and save her! ^_^ I wanted to make an AMV depicting something like that, but I gave up on the idea…besides, I didn’t have the episodes for it…and I was a YouTube user back then… -_-‘

04. innocence – Hashimoto Miyuki / Shuffle!


Would you believe I started to like this song after hearing someone karaoke-ing to it!? After hearing that certain someone singing it, I became curious as to what anime it belonged to, and after hearing the TV Size version, I went ahead and got the Full Sized version.

“innocence” is a song that I don’t know how to categorize…is it a sad song, or a happy one? It sounds melancholic, but the message is a positive one…maybe I think that way because the ED animation had Primula crying in the background? Either way, “innocence” is a great ED song that I still like to listen to!

03. Kimi ga Sora datta – Misato Aki / Mai-HiME


This is no surprise right? Misato Aki showed up twice on my OP list, it’s shouldn’t be surprising if she showed up more than once here. But she only has one anime ED Theme song so…here it is!! ^_^ This is the song that made like Misato Aki’s sexy voice, and I listened to it endlessly back when I first heard it. And even now, when it plays on my Media Player, I stop what I’m doing and just listen. It’s such a nice slow beautiful love song, one of Misato Aki’s best.

02. Amurita – Makino Yui / Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: Princess of the Country of Birdcages

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

This song is a rare case, since I listened to the song WITHOUT hearing the anime size version. While watching Tsubasa Chronicles, I saw that Makino Yui was the seiyuu for Sakura-hime, and when I searched for her name, this song showed up. I was curious as to what Sakura would sound singing, so I listened to it…and I instantly fell in love with the song. Later I found out it was the ED Theme for “Princess of the Country of Birdcages” movie.

Besides Makino Yui’s lovely voice, what I liked was how the song started all nice and slow, then all of a sudden it picked up with some bass and faster tempo then it went back down, only to start up again! Really nice!! ^_^

“Amurita” is a great song, and it got better by having a Hikigatari version on the “synchronicity” single!!

01. Ame Agari – Moeko Matsushita / Angelic Layer

Angelic Layer

It’s awesome how a single anime has shown me the door to the world of anime in all it’s glory. That is why Angelic Layer is still one of my favorites anime of all time, it has given me many firsts. From my first loli-fix {yes, CLAMP is turning the world into loli-cons!!}, to my very first full size anime themed song download. Yep, that right, this is the very first anime song I’ve ever downloaded!! ^_^ And it so happens to be one of the best songs I have ever heard, anime themed or JPop themed!

At the time, I didn’t know squat of Japanese. I just liked how it sounded, how the singer sounded, and the feeling it gave to me…it gave me this warm kind of feeling, so listened to it endlessly. And now, after learning enough Japanese to be able to translate the song and understand it, I love it even more!!

Is it my biased self saying that “Ame Agari” really is one of the best anime ED themes of all time? What would someone who doesn’t love Angelic Layer as much as I do say? Well, no matter what they’ll say, to me, “Ame Agari” IS the best ED song EVER!!! ^_^

Honorable Mentions

These are the newer songs that I thought of adding to the list. And as you can see, if I did add them, it would take more than half of the list!! ^_^’ So here’s a special mention of these other awesome ED songs I love right now! There’s no specific order to these.

  • Negaiboshi – Snow* / Kimikiss Pure Rouge
  • I’m Here – Taguchi Hiroko / ef -a tale of memories-
  • Kizamu Kisetsu – Okada Junko / ef -a tale of memories-
  • Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to – Itou Kanako / Myself;Yourself
  • Yasashisa wa Ame no Youni – CooRie / DaCapo II
  • Furefurepponpon! – Kadowaki Mai & Sawashiro Miyuki / Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
  • Get My Way! – Kawada Mami / Hayate no Gotoku!
  • Friends – Stephanie / Mobile Suit Gundam 00 {It may be new (and fresh in my mind), but I just have to mention it!!} ^_^

34 thoughts on “53RG10’s Top 10 Anime Songs {ED Version}

  1. :D Excellent choices, IMHO. Especially 9, 8, 5, 3, 2, and 1. xD

    Rie Fu doesn’t get near enough credit or her awesomeness, and neither does ‘Ameagari.’ That song’s one of the first anime songs to ever lodge itself into my braincells, and I still fall in love with it all over again whenever I hear it.

    “Kazoekirenai yoru wo koete…”

  2. awesome choices, love 10, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. for sure when i get to writing my ED list Kimi ga Sora datta and Amurita are going to be on it as well.

  3. Is it any wonder why “Ame Agari” made it on the list of avex’s Best of Anime Silver Edition? :)

    I absolutely LOVE that song! Lets just say, it was the first song which sparked and established my current obsession with JSoft Rock and bands like Jyukai (which I am a rabid fangirl of), and Misato Aki (I adore her rock songs more than her techno ones but I still like her a whole package as an artiste). It’s a shame Matsushita Moeko doesn’t get the opportunity to sing more Anime themes. Her voice is one of the best I’ve heard, which strongly reminds me of another singer who I like very much – Kaitani Naomi. I wish these two would be more active one day and start releasing singles and albums again. ^^

  4. My favorite one on your list is Amrita.

    As for your honorable mention list…I’m surprised you put down Negai boshi since most of the people I know dislike it. I think it’s a nice song, and I like Snow*’s vocals :)

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  6. Nya ha ha. I had’nt heard many of these songs before you posted them but now like all of them are in my mp3. I thank you for being awesomeful.

  7. @o0zora1103: No, this page is never updated…even now, these are my top ten anime song. I should probably make seasonal list of my favorite songs for said season…

  8. I’m going to have to point out that you massively over-rate ame agari. It’s not a bad song, but it’s overwhelmingly a typical shoujo anime ED with no outstanding traits. At no point in the song did it actually catch my attention in the 6 or so times i looped it, and that’s not common in top-tier songs

  9. @SF: Yep, I massively over rate it since, well, these are MY top 10 Ending songs1 ^_^’

    It may be ‘not a bad song’ to you, but to me it’s the best Ending Song I’ve ever heard…even now I’ll still rank it above new ones.

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  12. I found that there are two Tsuki Akari . Tsuki Akari from “beet the vandel buster” and Tsuki Akari from “ginga densetsu weed”. I’d like to know which is in your top 10. *_*

    BTW , u will make the top 2009 list right???
    Send me the URL to my e-mail if u made it , Could you??
    Thanks Very Much!!! Im also ur fans XD

  14. xD…

    what pitiful top 10’s

    ill give you 3 only of my ten’s

    Discotheque from Rosario+vampire

    Sora Ni Mau from Hatsukoi Limited

    Yasashisa wa Ame no Youni from Rosario+vampire too


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  16. Kimi ga Sora datta

    That’s it. Pure Awesome. Because of that song, I looked looked forward to the end of every episode.

    I loved how the song would leak in the last few seconds as the episode ends… love it.

    I’m surpised you’ve never mentioned any music composed by Yuki Kajiura. I’m a dire hard fan of all the colaborations she does.

  17. I recently found out about this page and I’m loving your lists.

    One of the ED anime songs that I really like is Anata ga Ita Mori from the fate/stay night series. Give it a listen!

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