Spoiled CLANNAD just turned sour…

and I only say that because I put my expectations a bit too high. I was hoping for something that felt more like an ending, this, like the game, left a few things open. Like how does the ‘other world’ from Kotomi’s Arc fit into Tomoya’s ‘dream world’ or Nagisa’s play? Are they even connected? What happened to Fuuko? We don’t see her anymore after episode 19…I think.

But the episode itself was great. Especially the part where the awesome, chain-smoking, GAR filled Furukawa “ORE HA DAISUKI DA~!” Akio came running into the gym screaming and yelling at Nagisa and telling her that her parent’s dream is to see their child full fill their own dream!!

I went GAR…

Also, at least we get something out of Tomoya and his father…I wasn’t expecting something grand like hugs and crying, so that “Don’t drink too much…” that Tomoya said is a signal that he’s willing to reconcile with him. The much needed Nagisa x Tomoya kiss was missing too so…

Anyway, it seems we’ll get some Tomoya X Sunohara action in the extra episode!! That should liven things up! ^_^

8 thoughts on “Spoiled CLANNAD just turned sour…

  1. You’ll have your answer about the other world, Fuuko’s condition or Tomoya and his father relationship later, provided they animate the After Story.
    You should understand that it isn’t the end of Clannad, actually the most important part of the story hasn’t been animated yet.

  2. I just watched the episode, and as usual, I need Wiki to fill in the blanks. :D I liked the ending, though it seems a bit anticlimactic. Hopefully episode 24 is the After Story.

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