Flame Haze Awesomeness

Wow! Just wow! Shakugan no Shana as thrown a whole pile of confusion right smack into my face with some kick-ass Wilhelmina and Sebrac action!! There was lot’s of crazy development concerning Reiji Maigo and Bel Masque that had me popping question and exclamation marks on the top of my head! Appareantly, Reiji Maigo has three things embedded into it, Johan, some keeper, and now the Silver Flame! He’s not technically ’embedded’ into it, but he somehow teleported part of his body onto it and attacked Pheles {who was going to take the Reiji Maigo out of Yuuji.} His real body is bound over at Bel Masque, who somehow captured the Silver Flame and is using him for something. I’ll have to re-watch these to completely understand what’s going on.

But for now, let’s enjoy some Shana innocence!! ^_^

How do you make a baby?!






Oops…I went off track! ^_^’

Next episode, we’ll see how they deal with the Reiji Maigo being stolen. I love cliffhangers!! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Flame Haze Awesomeness

  1. I seriously wonder how they’re going to end this season. It just seems like there is so-o much more to cover, yet there are only a couple episodes left. Though the last few were downright awesome!

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