Imouto Resistance +1

Why is it that characters with a {little} sister don’t succumb to the powers of the Imouto charm? Do they automatically get the ability “Imouto Resistance +1”?

If I had an “Imouto”, would I also repel this strange ability that makes guys all over the world “Imouto-cons”?? {That’s right, different from “Loli-cons”!} Maybe it’s the fact that it’s NOT their imouto that makes them like the imouto character.

Or does the Imouto have an ability that makes the older brother act colder towards them? Everyone else seems to love the Imouto!! ^_^ But there are cases where the brother is affected too…

but that’s a whole different story!!! ^_^

Honestly though, do people like the imouto character because they themselves don’t have a little sister? I wonder if I had a little sister, would I too act cold like some of these characters do?

Weird subject I picked up while watching KimiKiss!! ^_^ Well, back to catching up on anime!

11 thoughts on “Imouto Resistance +1

  1. @Sogacious1: People who like these types of characters aren’t pedophiles either. Those with disturbed minds who take it to the extreme and bring their “fantasy” to real life, those are the pedophiles.

  2. well i know my brother isn’t an imouto-con. but i think it’s because i was sooo annoying while growing up i don’t think he’d like the idea of being an imouto-con. Now with me being the baby i will honestly say that i always wanted a little brother and do love anime otoutos. does that make me an otouto-con?

  3. It’s the same reason that most people don’t feel like having sex with their mothers or fathers; it’s something that just is, or develops at a very young age. It just doesn’t occur to you that little sisters are ‘all that’ – you know that those fantasies just aren’t realistic, and the reality of a little sister is NOT like what they show in anime or manga.

    Cold and uncaring are two different things; Kyon cares about his imoutu, but neither does he want to shag her the way some of those creepy otaku seem to want to.

  4. @Anonymous: Wow, that’s crazy. I never knew there was an attraction at a biological level!!

    @Dancing Queen: Yes it does!! ;)

    @Moesslich: Yeah, I understand the difference of “Cold VS. Uncaring,” and I know these characters do care for their sister.

    @nckl: Maybe that’s why people without a little sister seem to like these imouto characters. The way anime shows them, they think that all little sisters are the way, when in reality, it might not even be like that at all. (Like Moesslich said.)

    And like I said, if I had a younger sister, would I too think it would be ‘creepy’ to hang out with her? Aihara (the guy in the first picture) asked her why should he spend a free day at the amusement park with her. {Which actually started this post!! ^_^} Is it that weird to hang out with your sister?

    From my point of view, these sisters doesn’t seem annoying at all, and I would understand more if they were.

  5. The imouto character has her appeal for being innocent and somewhat naive, but that can be true of any character with those characteristics.

    When I read your post the Westermarck Effect came to mind (What anonymous posted the wiki for). When I was in graduate school, my area of interest was in attachment theory, which has some roots in evolutionary psychology and Konrad Lorez (who is best known for imprinting). That wiki has some good information. Similar to what Haesslich said, we are raised to NOT be sexually attracted to family members. I would also think biology and physiology play a role as well. Evolutionarily speaking, we are hardwired to want to pass on our genes and advance out species. You aren’t doing that through incest. It’s something that natural selection worked out somewhere along the lines.

    I have a younger sister, and we are very close, but we are siblings first. The whole siscon dealy, I think has more to do with the CHARACTER more so than the character being an imouto. We almost never see an atypical imouto character and we are made to like characters. Thus, imoutos in anime and manga will always be appealing in some way. But not so in real life.

    And man, I’ve been doing a lot of psychological anime schpeals lately. :D

  6. @deftoned: So what if one’s little sister had one’s favorite characteristics? Would they hang out and spend time with her more often {IN A NON-SEXUAL WAY}? Or would they find them a bother?

  7. well me and my brother totally hang out now all the time, we used to get on each others nerves all the time but now we are like buds

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