Rosario + Vampire 02

Now with bouncing boobies and dry-humping!! I read a few more chapters of Rosario + Vampire, and I gotta say, it does get a bit better. Especially when Ruby enters the picture. So I have a bit more hope for the anime. But I’ll have to endure the first few episodes and the unnecessary fan-service […]

Spice and Wolf

I was reading a few chapters of Spice and Wolf before news of the animated series, so I already knew what the premise is. It followed the first few chapters nicely, with of course some obvious additions {Kuroe(?)} and subtractions {Lawrence touching Horo’s paw}. But nothing to complain about. I haven’t read past the first […]


I wasn’t really worried about what ARIA the ORIGINATION will bring to us, like Rosario + Vampire or Minami-ke Okawari, I just knew ARIA wouldn’t disappoint me. ARIA still retains the winning formula that it perfected thought the first two seasons. All it has to do is keep the same character interactions, same style of […]

Minami-ke Okawari

Yes, all my worries are gone!! Okawari is the same Minami-ke I’ve grown to love~! It’s the same Chiaki, same Haruka, same Kana, same seiyuus, and same humor. The only different thing was the animation/art, which will take me a few more episodes to get used to. Also, the OP/ED weren’t as upbeat and lively […]

Best Characters of 2007

I bet everyone is off getting their “Best anime of 2007” list ready, and since I suck at rating anime, I decided to do something a bit easier and a lot more anger inducing, ’cause we all know that if your favorite character doesn’t make a list, you go on a rampage!!! ^_^ This list […]