true tears 02

Iranai no?
OK! It’s official, I love this girl!! ^_^

We all could’ve guess that Hiromi likes Shin’ichiro and that’s the reason why she’s more reserved at home, and it seems now that they have some history together. And now that a ‘rival’ showed up, she starts talking to him a bit more, even asking for a favor. {She wants to befriend Noe.} But Noe isn’t falling for it, she knows very well that Hiromi doesn’t really want to be her friend. She has some nice perceptive powers!! Also, she replace Raigomaru with Shin’ichiro, she went as far as giving him seeds!! ^_^

I forgot to mention this last post, but I love the animation! It’s so pretty! I don’t know if my eyes are tricking me, but are there some CGI scenes once in a while? I may be going crazy… -_- Also, I like both the OP {“Reflectia” by: eufonius} and ED {“Sekain no Namida” by: Yuki Aria} as they are sung by two very talented singers. Well, I don’t have that many songs from either of them, but the ones that I do have are awesome.

Because she didn’t get enough love in the episode

2 thoughts on “true tears 02

  1. OO I love Noe too! She’s so cuute, haha, seeds … Ya, Aiko will get her love soon. Hopefully once the “Noe Arc” is over, she won’t leave completely. godd, I wish Noe was the main female lead somehow instead of Hiromi …

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