Shakugan no Shana Second – 13

Shakugan No Shana
Pheles!! OOH! Finally things got a whole lot more interesting!!

Lately, I’ve been bored with Shakugan no Shana and it’s slow pace, it’s been nothing but awkward episodes about Shana, Yuuji, Yoshida, and Konoe, {who I still believe is Hecate!} Didn’t we already seen this love triangle in the first season? Shana realized her feelings at the end of the first one, do we really need to see more insecurities created by the new student Konoe? Do we really need more Yoshida gazing at Yuuji from far away? And do we need more Yuuji obliviousness? {How can he not realize Yoshida’s or Shana’s feelings? Well, things are now moving a step further…episode 13 was EPIC and made of WIN!!

Lot’s of awesome things happened, I’ll let the pictures speak for me!!

Shakugan No Shana
Silver Flames + Margery = Awesome!

Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana
Whilhemina VS {Berserk} Margery = WIN!!

Shakugan No Shana
Pheles VS {Alice} Shana

Shakugan No Shana
In berserk mode, Margery doesn’t care about ANYTHING….

Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana

Oh man! Intense episode! I got such a rush because I suddenly jumped into an episode like this after watching anime with not a lot of action. It was a great change of pace!!

I knew Margery would go wild when she saw the silver flames, but I never would’ve thought she would go berserk and lose her mind. Not only did she destroyed buildings and such, but she just stepped on students and even directly threw flames at Oga-chan…Tanaka {Kendou Takayuki}’s performance was touching…especially towards the end when he saw that Ogata was fine:

Shakugan No Shana

Well, in the end everything was fixed up {by a guilty Margery} and the festival ended normally. We were also treated to some backstory about Reiji Maigo, and a bit about Pheles, after they subdued Margery. Next episode, they’ll {hopefully} reveal a lot more!! Looking forward to it!!

7 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana Second – 13

  1. I had an 800 word entry about episode 12 and how 13 would kick ass, as well as how this season 2 has progressed… but I got lazy, never finished it, and episode 13 aired. :P

    The first part of Shana II was definitely mundane, but I wouldn’t call it boring. If you think about it, the first season ended with both Kazumi and Shana both renewing their fighting for the Torch, but there never was a push. Konoe provided one, and though those episodes came across as boring, the relationships between Kazumi, Shana, and to a lesser extent Yuji are that much more deep. It’s no longer “Yoshida gazing at Yuuji from far away.” Since the pep talk with Margery, her character has definitely been strong, and even more so for Shana (who nearly confessed). Yuji’s only oblivious to Shana’s feelings, but there are more pressing things with him. Boring episodes are boring when they happen, but sometimes their worth becomes apparent later.

  2. Funny how we both posted about Ep 13 at the same time. Well, mine was a few hours later and I didn’t realize you had yours up already. :)

    Anyway, yes!! Awesome, awesome ep. I mainly watch (and read) Shana for the battles and conflicts involving the different factions. Romance is more of a side dish. I do acknowledge that the romance bit serves to flesh the characters more but having it scattered over many episodes, and not to mention taking majority of the screen time in each episode can be quite a drag. The only time I truly find the romance enjoyable as of yet, is in the Shanatan specials. LOL @ psycho stalker + potty mouth Yoshida. :3

  3. @deftoned: I have a crappy vocabulary, so I couldn’t think of another word other than ‘boring’!! ^_^’

    And yeah, Yoshida has become stronger, but she still doesn’t do things at the level that Shana does…like confessing, even though she had many chances! But did they really needed to drag it for so many episodes? I understand like 3 or 4 episodes, but almost a season?

    Well, at least now things are moving forward plot wise and love wise {even though that’s not why I watch Shana! -_-‘ }

    @Keiri And bounce, don’t forget about the bounce!! :)

  4. But it was only 4 episodes. The first 2 were about the goat girl and sorta re-introducing character. Then when Konoe was introduced it started. Eps 3-6 were the boring ones, with both Shana and Kazumi being indecisive (Shana more so I would say). Then we had Ike’s day at the park and 2 Margery episodes. In eps 10 and 11 both of them seem to have been affected my Margery’s pep talk and although the harem feel continued, it was definitely different from how it was before. So it hasn’t been the whole series, just those 4 episodes. It feels like it’s dragged on because of that Ike episode in there. Two eps of intros, 4 eps of love triangle/Konoe, 1 Ike waste of time, and 2 Margery episodes.

    I’ve enjoyed this season so far mainly because they’re being consistent in the fact that there is something holding it together–Reiji Maigo. The first season (especially the beginning and middle) didn’t have that until the second half. :(

  5. This anime starts off kind of slow adding a not so welcome to mystery that nobody wanted but it gets action packed self. And the last episode we’ll leave you laughing at what Shana and konoe do to Yuuji. But i think he got what was coming to him

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