Rosario + Vampire 02

Now with bouncing boobies and dry-humping!!

I read a few more chapters of Rosario + Vampire, and I gotta say, it does get a bit better. Especially when Ruby enters the picture. So I have a bit more hope for the anime. But I’ll have to endure the first few episodes and the unnecessary fan-service {that’s something I thought I would never say!!!} until she appears. In this episode, we are introduced to my favorite character of Rosario + Vampire, Kurumu!! And just like in the manga, I completely hated her…but fear not, she develops into an awesome character later on!! You’ll only see her using her powers like that for this episode only! ^_^

Also, we are treated to this anime’s ED Theme, “Dancing in the Velvet Moon” by: Mizuki Nana, which I think is a lot better than the OP. ^_^


I’ll give you guys a little something, I don’t think this counts as a spoiler…more like common sense, but just to be safe I’ll make it a link. CLICK ON IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

10 thoughts on “Rosario + Vampire 02

  1. I’ve lost interest in most of this season other than Aria and Minami-le. Granted I haven’t watched really anything other than those 2, but nothing is standing out and I sorta burned out on new anime right now. Kinda would rather just catch up on some old stuff before spring kicks in. It’s not Rosario per se, but the entire season. :/

  2. Yay! Kurumu-chan is my favorite too (on par with Super Vamp Moka). She may look like a clingy slut at first (I’m going to slap myself in a second for calling her that) but when her well developed personality comes out, she is made of WIN.

    I’m still boycotting R + V until after Yukari enters the scene. Her and Kurumu’s rivalry being the major source of comedy for me.

    PS. Can’t wait to see Nagare’s butt whipped.

  3. @deftoned: I see…Well have fun watching anime on your backburner!! ^_^

    @Keiri: I completely understand the boycott!! But there are drawbacks to boycotting an anime. I was boycotting BLEACH until they reach Hueco Mundo, but even then, I just completely stopped watching it and continued reading the manga instead…same with Naruto. -_-

    @minion: I have a pretty good idea why, it has to do with that picture link up there!! ^_^

  4. Man in the next season that whimp Tskune best man up, I liked this anime (Not nearly as much as the manga) but I hated his voice actor. I can’t wait to see him go ghouly on us.

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