Spice and Wolf

I was reading a few chapters of Spice and Wolf before news of the animated series, so I already knew what the premise is. It followed the first few chapters nicely, with of course some obvious additions {Kuroe(?)} and subtractions {Lawrence touching Horo’s paw}. But nothing to complain about. I haven’t read past the first volume {since there’s only four chapters} so I’m eager to see where the manga, and the anime, will leads us.

The animation was well done, and the character introductions weren’t rushed like I thought it would. But Horo looks a bit more mature, I like the loli look she has in the manga…but that’s just me! Besides, that ‘mature’ look kinda makes me remember Yoriko from DaCapo…maybe because I was currently discussing about her… -_- But she still looks hot!! ^_^

The OP was a nice slow song by Kiyoura Natsumi. But the ED {Ringo Hiyori by: Rocky Chack} was a bit weird, I didn’t even know what language it was at first. That lively song was all in Engrish!! ^_^;

I’ll be looking forward for this every week!

By the way, I thought it was “Wolf and Spice”…

6 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf

  1. In Japanese, “Ookami to Koushinryou” means “Wolf and Spice(s),” but the official site gives the Japanese title the English subtitle “Spice and Wolf,” so that’s what everyone is using. I like the slightly rougher look Horo has in the manga, but Koshimizu Ami’s voice makes everything okay.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch this one yet, but if you had to compare it to something, what would you compare it to? Other than Minami-ke and Aria, I haven’t really watched anything fully (just skimming). Nothing has really grabbed it from the get go, so I’m reaching right now.

  3. @deftoned: I think it’s closer to “El Cazador de la Bruja” in which both series are about traveling somewhere. Elis wants to go to Winay Marka, Horo wants to go North. El Cazador is about witches, Wolf and Spice is about gods/demons. Elis, a ‘witch’ travels with a human, so does Horo, a goddess. And I’m sure along the way, Horo and Lawrence will find trouble like Elis and Nadie did…

    Truthfully, I think “Spice and Wolf” will be a lot better than “El Cazador de la Bruja”…

  4. I got hooked on the series for now… The ED wins my heart forever ^________^

    I dunno what you could compare it too, it’s pretty unique as far as it goes, I’d say it’s something like Samurai Champloo but in pseudo-Europe and without fighting with the slow mood like Shinigami no Ballad but much more lightweight than that. The setting makes me think “Violinist of Hamelin” but little resemblance beyond that…

  5. today i was able to finish watching ep 13 and i thought it was great but i think the end is to open i hope they come out with more episodes – cause i really enjoyed watch the series -it would be a shame for them to stop now so i hope it wont end

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