I wasn’t really worried about what ARIA the ORIGINATION will bring to us, like Rosario + Vampire or Minami-ke Okawari, I just knew ARIA wouldn’t disappoint me. ARIA still retains the winning formula that it perfected thought the first two seasons. All it has to do is keep the same character interactions, same style of music, same slow-paced episodes, and the same embarassing/cheesy Akari lines while only changing music and animation!! I’m really not expecting anything grand from ARIA the ORIGINATION, other than having Alice, Akari, and AIKA full fledged Undines at the end, ;) and even then, I think ARIA will still remain as one of my favorite anime of all time. ^_^

Aika didn’t say her famous line… :(

The OP “Spirale” is a bit different than the first two, “Undine” & “Euphoria”, but it still gives you that calm good feeling that the overall anime gives you!! On the ED, I was expecting a ROUND TABLE featuring NINO song, because I was used to “Natsumachi” I guess, but we’re greeted by Akino Arai’s “Kin no Nami Sen no Nami”, which is also a nice slow calming song. Plus, we get to see Akari in different clothes!! ^_^


6 thoughts on “ARIA the ORIGINATION

  1. I loved that last scene with Akari, Aika, and Alice looking at the water/sky and then they shifted perspective to Alicia, Akira, and Athena inside watching them an reminiscing. The day we see that last glove come off of Akari’s hand, I just may be shedding more than a few tears cutting a lot of onions. :D

  2. “The day we see that last glove come off of Akari’s hand, I just may be shedding more than a few tears”
    I know I did when I read Navigation 58. Video, audio and music of it is gonna force a lot more tears out of me. I just feel so sad it’s gonna end but at the same time, it’s about right that Amano-sensei decides to conclude their adventures. Am gonna miss ARIA so much… Okay, suddenly I felt like I want a part 2. Okawari? ^^

  3. although it has a very simple plot and slow pace, it’s sure makes me like going through a vacation on the real venice…such an extremely wonderful places ..almost like heaven

  4. I’m really touched every time I watch ARIA…
    and the last 3 episodes, I couldn’t stand not to cry, since I was touched to tears….
    and I really love the artwork, the image of Neo-Venezia is too awesome….
    and the background music so nice and heart-warming….
    ARIA is a masterpiece!

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