Venus – The Goddess of Love

Now that I finished it, back to watching Sailormoon S!! ^_^ I’ll think I’ll be watching a lot more Sailormoon this time because there really isn’t anything that appealing for the winter season… -_- I might also catch up on some more manga that have been piling up, Tsubasa Chronicles here I come!!

Also, I noticed twice the page views when AnimeNano started listing me in its directory!! That’s just awesome!!  ^_^

7 thoughts on “Venus – The Goddess of Love

  1. SMS was my favorite season after Stars. Quite a bit darker than the first season and R, and definitely more well put together than SuperS. S was actually the first season of Sailormoon that I watched all the way through and I loved it so much, I had to go back and rewatch the first 2 thoroughly.

  2. @Dancing Queen: Thanks!! ^_^’

    @deftoned: I think “S” is inferior to the first two seasons. Mainly because of the monster designs, they’re the stupidest and cheesiest designs I’ve seen in Sailormoon so far, which was the reason why I took a break… -_- But I just saw the episode where they talk about a “Messiah” and where this girl wearing all black appears, so it looks like it’ll be better!! ^_^

  3. Yeah I agree, the monster designs were pretty lame (but then again, they were never great in ANY of the series). SMS just feels a bit more mature compared to SM and R. The later parts of R were amazing, but S does all that and adds a bit more with the new senshi and all that goes on around Hotaru. Though I’ve never been a fan of Chibiusa, S was the best season she was part of. The animation was also looked better than SM and R (and even SuperS at time)… but also you’ve got the Moon Lips version of Moonlight Densetsu. :D

    Once you’re finished with S you’ll see it’s merits. I wish you luck when you take on SuperS though! It’s story is good, and it’s probably the funniest season, but the filler can be completely unbearable.

  4. Esta demasiado bueno el dibujo me gusto demasiado, yo tengo que disfrazarme de ella y es una muy buena imagen para sacar el modelo.

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