Best Characters of 2007

I bet everyone is off getting their “Best anime of 2007” list ready, and since I suck at rating anime, I decided to do something a bit easier and a lot more anger inducing, ’cause we all know that if your favorite character doesn’t make a list, you go on a rampage!!! ^_^

This list was made spontaneously, which means, if a character is not here, that means that THAT character was not ‘cool’ enough for me to remember him/her and that he/she didn’t leave an impression on me.

Actually this is two lists, one of them is my “Top 10 characters of 2007” list, the second one is like those “X of 2007” kinda thing. I’ll be awarding character in 6 categories just because I can. And for the lazy people, you can quick jump to check out who the winner of each is: ^_^

Loli of 2007
Genki-est of 2007
Best Trap of 2007
GAR-est of 2007
Villain of 2007
Tsundere of 2007

So let’s get started!!!

10. Hoshino Asami – Myself;Yourself

Hoshino Asami

Let’s start off with who I think is the surprise character of the year!! Usually, lead female characters don’t have much going on to them, most often the secondary female characters have a lot more interesting things going on and the ones who shine the most. Just ask any anime fan who their favorite character from a specific series is and I guarantee 80% of them WILL NOT choose the female lead character!! ^_^ Asami here, is a secondary character, and my favorite from Myself;Yourself…she easily beat Nanaka once her ‘climax’ episode aired!!

When you see her, you get the impression that she’s a gentle girl who’ll bake cookies and clean your room…I wouldn’t mind if she did that!! ^_^… but beneath that gentle exterior is a deviously duplicitous girl!! A complete 180 turn on her character!! And to make things a bit more interesting, she’s also a lesbian! But at least she as some reason to be how she is, I’m still amazed at the types of personalities love can make…

One thing that would’ve knocked Asami off this list would be if she turned Yandere and killed someone… -_- I’m not too fond of yanderes, I like them, but they’re not my cup of tea.

09. Touhouin Ikuto – Nagasarete Airantou

Touhouin Ikuto

In harem anime, the male lead is typically that clumsy loser that for some odd reason every hot chick falls in love with who happens to ‘accidentally’ touch a lot of breasts, example: Urashima Keitaro – Love Hina or Manaka Junpei – Ichigo 100%. In all honesty, I just can’t see people like that being chased by hot girls. But Ikuto on the other hand, isn’t like that at all. He doesn’t appear to be a nerd, he’s not perverted, and he’s not a weakling. But he still has some ‘harem lead’ traits, he’s clumsy, he’s kind, and he definitely get a lot of ‘accidental’ action’. ^_^ But what I like about Ikuto is that he DOES NOT deliberately hits on the girls, it’s the other way around, the girls all come to him and Ikuto for seemingly unknown reasons runs away from them!! That has all guys wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

Another thing I like about Ikuto is his chivalrous spirit. {See picture above.} Even though all the girls on Airantou can easily protect themselves with thier amazing strenght, Ikuto will still step up and fight for them because he would rather get himself hurt rather than seeing a girl fight. +50 cool point for him!!! Plus, he seems to be faithfull to one girl {Suzu} and stays like that through the series! Gotta give him props for “keeping it in” on an island FULL OF GIRLS!! ^_^

08. Inamori Mika – Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!

Inamori Mika (Mikan)
♥♥~ ^_^ ~♥♥

Not many people realized that Mikan was the protagonist of Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! The anime was told from her point of view, it just so happens that everything she talked about involved that girl with limitless energy, Amamiya Manami {Manabi}. And thanks to Manabi, we get to see Mikan mature emotionally. She used to be your typical shy and clumsy student council president whose tears can easily break a fight among friends, making them reconcile. She just used to be the person who won’t take the initiative and will always need help from someone. But at the end, Mikan did something that I thought was the best decision she could’ve ever done by herself…she chose to go to America and study, leaving her friends behind. This told us that she was ready to change for her own good and that she doesn’t want to be following someone’s back forever!

But it still doesn’t change the fact that she’s the cutest and the most innocent of the bunch!! She still believes little people finished the video!! ^_^

07. Fujibayashi Kyou – CLANNAD

Fujibayashi Kyou

At first I liked Kyou just because of the way she looks. She has long purple hair, sharp purple eyes, a cute bow on her hair, and also because she makes the most diverse {and cutest IMO} faces than anyone else in CLANNAD. She’s the most expressive!! Plus, the way she walked away skipping and laughing after her first scene was just moe~!! ^_^ But what finally set it in stone was episode 12 when she thought her cute twin sister was in an accident. The way she worried looking for her sister and the ways she sighed relief while hugging her was very touching, a very nice tender side to the aggressive and loud mouth Kyou!! ^_^

I’m pretty sure I’m going to like her more and more as the series progresses because of her Tsundere nature, we all know it’s inevitable that she’ll fall for Tomoya and that she will deny it. She doesn’t realize she’ll be one of the many love rivals for her sister Ryou!

06. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch gots to be one of the most interesting male lead characters in a while. I don’t really know if I should call him a bad guy or a good guy…it’s difficult. He first seems like your genius high schooler from a rich area, going around betting old people in chess and gaining money. But once he gets the power of geass, he completely turns into a ruthless and unforgiving terrorist. But not because he’s evil, but for revenge and for his beloved blind sister Nunally.

The fact that he’s unforgiving even to his friend Suzuaku, and the fact that he will use geass on anyone without a second thought to get what he wants earns him a spot on my top 10!! But seriously, is he a good guy or a bad guy? O_o

05. Kamina – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


If there is anyone who is as cool as one can get, Kamina is that someone. If there’s someone who can motivate you to do anything, Kamina is that someone. If there is someone who’ll believe in you because you don’t believe in yourself, Kamina is that some. If there’s a person who is extremely passionate about what he wants, Kamina is that person. If there’s ever a loud, hard-headed, and energetic person who deserves a spot on my list, Kamina is that person!!! ^_^ ‘Nuff said!!!

04. Akihime Sumomo – Nanatsuiro Drops

Akihime Sumomo

I think Akihime is the only character that made the list mainly based on moe factor! Just look at her!! How can you not go “Kawaii~!” and smile uncontrollably? How can you not want to just hug her? How can you resist? You can’t can you? ^_^

Well, my top ten characters aren’t solely based on moe factor, it’s mostly on their character/personality! So:

Akihime made it this high for a few reasons, but it’s mainly becasue of the fact that this small, shy, and cute girl had to bear with a very devastating heartache. After achieving getting close to Tsuwabuki and even being boyfriend and girlfriend, she had to deal with him losing his body and staying a stuffed animal forever. Not only that, but when she used a huge amount of power to bring him back {after days of intense magic studying}, she had to deal wit the fact that he will have no memories of Akihime nor the time he spent with her. One would be devastated emotionally, but somewhere in Akihime’s tiny body, she had the courage and will to bear with the blow to her heart and strive forward hoping his memories would someday come back. And thankfully, Akihime’s endurance and strive worked as Tsuwabuki regained his memories and ended up with Akihime!! A very nice and touching Happy Ending!! ^_^

03. Asai Mugi – Hitohira

Asai Mugi

If there is one thing about shy/timid characters that I like, it’s the way they break away from that shyness. It may take a whole series, but if that character is able to change for his/her own good, they end up being a great character in my mind. In 2007, Mugi was that character. In the very beginning, she was the quietest girl probably in the whole school. She, under peer pressure, joined the “Drama Club Research Society” and was going to quit it, but after thinking about it, she stayed in hopes that she could break away from her current character. I applaud her for that, but one thing that annoyed me the most about Mugi was her extremely low self-esteem, she would give up on things before even trying!! So how the heck was she going to act on stage with that low-self esteem?

Lucky for us, who would hate her if she got cold feet on stage, her determination was greater than her self-esteem. She gathered all the courage she could muster and let out that powerful-emotion-striking voice of hers that can leave everyone listening in wonder and awe! That alone was courage enough for her to break out and realize what she wants to do/be. That even gave her courage to let her best friend, and only person who she can be herself in front of {Kayo}, go study abroad.

02. Koizumi Risa – Lovely Complex

Koizumi Risa

Koizumi Risa has to be one of the most emotionally strong characters ever! I cannot count the times her heart has been shattered to bits and bits of pieces by the guy she likes. Is there some warranty on her heart that replaces it with a new one? I seriously don’t know how she can sustain multiple blows to her heart and still be bright, energetic, courageous, and still make us laugh! What I loved about her, is that while she appears as the tall funny and loud amazon girl, she still has all the girly sides a high school girl should have, from shopping to finding love, she has them all.

But the thing that earned her a high ranking was that she never gave up on the guy she likes, no matter how he treated her or what bad thing he said, Koizumi would still strive forward and go for him until he said a relative reason on why they should not go out. It took a long while, but she finally got the love she deserves, even if it’s from pipsqueak unsure-of-himself Ootani!! ^_^

And Best Character of 2007 is:

Going to be revealed after this!!! ^_^ It is now time for the “Best of 2007” character trait list!!

Ishizuki Koyori – Loli of 2007

Ishizuki Koyori

There’s never a shortage of loli!! And trust me, there were a lot of contenders here!! But the one that kept me going “Kawaii~♥!!” and turning all Rena around them, was Koyori! One thing that I have to mention is her way of speaking, it may be classified as mature {if you study Japanese, it’s the “Formal” way of speaking}, but when a tiny cute girl talks like that, it just turns out to be the cutest thing ever!! ^_^


Amamiya Manami – Genki-est of 2007

Amamiya Minami

“Massugu~ Go~!” That alone is enough to make me feel more energetic!! Manabi seems to have a endless supply of energy when she has something on her mind she wants to accomplish. Not only that, that energy somehow enters anyone around her!


Makoto (Mako-chan) – Best Trap of 2007

Makoto (Mako-chan)

It’s not because of the fact that he looks like a deliciously hot loli, it’s not because of the fact he made me go “Hanyan~!”, and it’s not because of the fact that I want to see more of him {her}, it’s because of the fact that he does it to get closer to Haruka-nee-sama!! We applaud you Mako-chan!! We all approve!! Go get closer to Haruka while causing us nosebleed!! ^_^

I’m going to hell…I know I am…-_-


Kamina – GAR-est of 2007

I dare you to find a GAR-less Kamina Image!!!


Takano Miyo – Villain of 2007

Takano Miyo

I think I’ve said it enough times how much I liked Takano. All you have to do is read any Higurashi post like this one and this one to see why!!

Here’s a quick summary:

At least we are shown why she is evil, everything in her life has been going wrong. From death of her parents, to an abusive orphanage, you can’t help but love Takano for having the will to go on despite all these and future hardships…I won’t ever forget when she stood up and yelled at God challenging him to kill her with a thunderbolt…the bold hit the tree next to her, signifying she ‘won’ against God, bold move for a small child.


Hiiragi Kagami – Tsundere of 2007

Hiiragi Kagami

Twin-Tails: Check
Aggresive Attitude: Check
‘Kawaii’ side: Check
Tsundere: HELL YES!!

Kagami should really thank Konata because Konata was the one who brought out every and all aspect of the tsundere character out of Kagami!! ^_^


And Best Character of 2007 is:

Mizunashi Akari – ARIA the OVA ~Arietta~

Mizunashi Akari

How can someone NOT LOVE Akari? I know she’s naive and a bit out of it, but she is the most optimistic character I’ve ever come across with! She sees everything in the lightest, warmest, kindest, and brightest light possible, no one can even compare. Well, Belldandy can, but she’s a goddess, she was trained in heaven where everything is pure. But Akari is human, and she lived in a world {Earth} where humans are the most vile creatures, hell they even messed up Earth so much that people had to migrate to terraformed planets, yet Akari somehow sees everything optimistically.

What I really like about Akari is that she says the most cheesiest and embarrassing lines ever, usually earning her a “Hazukashii serifu kinshi!!” from Aika!! Also, Akari has this mysterious aura about her that makes EVERYONE get along with her and eventually become friends with her. She can make any scene into a heart-warming scene leaving you with a great warm, happy, and satisfying feeling. And it’s that cheerful, naive, mysterious, and warm character that I believe is the best character of 2007!! ^_^

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