Fan-Art Preview:

I don’t do Fan-Arts as often as I would like, but I do some when I have an urge or when I feel like if I don’t do something I might lose my ‘mojo’!! ^_^ These are just what they look like at the currently spot I’m at. The images links take you to their appropriate DeviantART page, where you can see a bigger version:


I’m currently watching “Sailormoon S”, and thought I should take a break from it, one reason is because the monster designs on Sailormoon S are the stupidest designs I’ve seen and I need a break from it’s retarded-ness/cheesy-ness… -_-

So during the break, I decided to make a fan-art of one of my favorite senshi, Sailor Venus!! {FYI: Sailor Mercury is my favorite Sailor Senshi!!} I really like Minako, she’s just like Usagi {Sailor Moon} but without the bad/annoying qualities of Usagi!!

I made that from a screenshot from the episode where we first see Minako in her Sailor Outfit, not in that Sailor V outfit, but the Sailor Senshi Outfit. ^_^ This one is pretty much done, all I have to do is color it and add some sort of BG.


This is a perfect sceenshot depicting my process of making a line-art. I make various sketches on top of each other until I get what I want. Then I use the paths tool to do the fine line-art and finally color it. It may seem easy, but it takes me an average of 12 hours to finish a deviation starting from scratch!! ^_^’

On this one, there is still a whole lot I have to do, that’s just the first stage, Sketching.

These were done using nothing else but the mouse and computer. But I wonder how they would come out if I did them by hand. I know for sure there would be a lot of eraser marks and lots of mistakes which makes the paper and the final image look like crap!!! >_< What I don’t like about doing it by hand is that the eraser sometimes kills your paper and you have to start all over. On the computer, thanks to layers, I can erase things endlessly without messing anything else on the image!! ^_^ I think the last thing I drew by hand was “Namine and Kairi“, and looking at it now, I see lots and lots of mistakes… -_-

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