Completely Useless Post About Updated Information

I’m no where near as cool as this guy… -_-

Since I started this blog, I really haven’t updated my pages, except for Desktop since I change that more frequently. ^_^’ I thought I needed to make these pages better, even if they look the same, just knowing that I did something makes me feel content! Here’s what I did:


My about page has been the same since I first got this blog, it’s was a half-assed randomly thrown together page about me that looked as if a 5th grader wrote it. I don’t think people are interested about me anyways, so I took that off since it was a copy and paste thing from my MySpace Profile. It has been replaced by a survey like questionnaire, take a look at it here.

I also updated my Anime/Manga page. That’s just a page showing what I’ve seen, what I’m watching/reading, and my current favorite anime, only about 6 of them are my top favorites, the other 4 are added for completion. Today though, I decided to add a “Dropped” list. These are anime that I’ve stopped watching for some reason and ones that I completely hated. Take a look here.

And finally the last updated page is my Desktop page. It may look the same, but I did some changes. The list of images are now in a table, that way I won’t be confused as to where to put the next image. Also, I uploaded the original interface-less image and added a Download link to it. That’s for people in the future who might want that wallpaper, they won’t need to ask me, they will just have to click the download link!!! ^_^ I also merged it with the “Headers” page I had. Take a look here.

I see you did a bit more than updating today!!” >_<

So that’s about it…

I was thinking of adding a ‘Fan-Art’ page showing any drawings that I might do in the future, but I have a DeviantART page for that so it might be just a waste of space. -_-

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