Amuri in Star Ocean Character CD Vol. 1

Makino Yui - Amuri to Yacchaoyou

Looking at the picture above, you’ll guess that the character is shy, timid, or soft spoken, which is kinda typically what Makino Yui has done before, but the first track on this Character CD says otherwise.

“Yacchaouyo!” took me completely by surprise! I even “WTF!”-ed, but instantly I remembered it was a character album and not a single. So my mind shifted to character album mode!! ^_^’ This song shows an energetic voice that Makino Yui hasn’t done before, the most energetic she has done is Troikai Hazuki from Sketchbook, who doesn’t even show it a lot anyways. It’s also a song very different in style from Makino Yui’s usual stuff, which at first I disliked, but grew on me as I listened to it more…but that ‘yacchaouyo’ part that is sung thought the song in some synthesized-like voice kinda got on my nerves a bit! >_<

The other song, “Umidorika -Amuri Ver.-” is Makino Yui’s specialty. It’s a slow song with not much instruments going on, which shows off her voice and emotions more. Also, it has this Japanese Cultural sound, like those you hear in anime wherever there is a samurai, you know that instrument with strings…I forgot the name of it! ^_^’ Anyway, it’s a nice and relaxing, but melancholic sounding, song! Not Makino Yui quality, but good enough… -_-

Well, at the end of the day, this is a character album after all. I don’t really listen to character albums a lot, so it’ll be waiting in my HD until it randomly plays. But since this is Makino Yui’s first character album {?}, I’ll give her props for giving us something way different with “Yacchaouyo!”. ^_^ I’m eager to see and listen to Amuri when the OVA is released and looking forward for ARIA the ORIGINATION’s OP single, which I hope is at “Undine” and “Euphoria” quality!! ^_^

UPDATE: Translation for “Yacchaouyo!” here!

12 thoughts on “Amuri in Star Ocean Character CD Vol. 1

  1. I was writing up something about this yesterday, but sucked into Myself; Yourself 12 and left it unfinished. :D I actually REALLY like Yacchaouyo! If anything it shows that Makino Yui isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to her voice. Although her two biggest roles (NHK and Tsubasa Chronicle) were very different characters, they basically sounded the same, but not here. Also, most of her singing sounds the same, so it was a refreshing look at her voice. I agree with the songs not being “Makino Yui quality” though.

    I guess I like Yacchaouyo! because it’s different more than anything else. She kinda sounded like Kikuchi Mika (Arika in Mai Otome, Mokona in Tsubasa Chronicle) in that song.

    PS: Do you an updated tracklist (if it has changed since the last entry) and actual title of the single because I want to get my tags right.

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  3. Just sneaking in to pay you a visit and thank you for your comment on my page! I love Star Ocean! It’s nice to see you mention it here because it’s grossly under-rated.

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  5. anyclue where i can get these songs
    or hear them all?
    possible chance if they can get uploaded to
    imeem or youtube?

    Track list:
    01. Yacchaouyo!
    02. Amuri no Hitorigoto
    03. Amuri no Theme
    04. Umidorika -Amuri Ver.-
    05. Yacchaouyo! (Special Karaoke)

  6. Noted your comment that you had made for my Spirale entry and I’ve done a few surface-level searches of youtube for “Yacchaouyo!” just to give it a shot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate it there, but thanks for the heads up and I’ll keep looking for it.

  7. So it was added, which means my detective skills suck :P

    Yeah, there’s a sort of energy that you don’t really quite get from the usual Yui Makino track. The irritating nature of the synthesized voices that you mentioned was pretty much spot on and I can definitely see this song growing on me with time as long as I can get past listening to Makino when she goes “hauuu~.”

    But yeah, thanks for alerting me to this!

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