Cirucci Thunderwitch

/me Frantically Squeals like a little girl
/me has a religious experience
*Mouth Foams*

It’s one of those random cases where I, for no apparent reason, fall in love with a minor character. I loved her during the manga, loved her fight against Ishida, but most of all, I love her overall design!! ^_^ I can’t wait to see her animated released form!!

Too bad she’s disposed of very fast… -_-

4 thoughts on “Cirucci Thunderwitch

  1. i’m behind on bleach… I guess really the filler arc killed it for me, before i had to watch the next episode the day it came out. now i’m about 4-5 episodes behind…

  2. I cheated!! Every week I take a glimpse at what episode BLEACH is on by taking a glance while my brother watches it!! ^_^ It’s back on track, but I’m pretty sure anime only content will start soon… -_-

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