Shugo Chara! – Hoshina Utau CD

Meikyuu Butterfly - Mizuki Nana

How come Utau’s came out first when we haven’t even heard her speak more than a few lines? I thought the main character’s CD would come out first. Maybe it’s because she’s more popular? I haven’t gotten my hands on the manga, so I don’t really know. But this is a nice single and if you didn’t know, her seiyuu is Mizuki Nana, so it automically gets put on the spotlight!! ^_^


01. Meikyuu Butterfly
02. Blue Moon
03. Meikyuu Butterfly (off vocal)
04. Blue Moon (off vocal)

Like always, Mizuki Nana brings out good material. Utau’s goth flavor gives it a different but well sounding sound, and like any other song, Mizuki Nana’s voice and energy is what makes the songs great! I really like both songs, but I prefer “Blue Moon” and it’s slower pace. But “Meikyuu Butterfly” and it’s more energetic sound will get the most plays!!

One final thing, is this a character CD or insert CD? One site names it as a character CD and another as an insert CD…

11 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! – Hoshina Utau CD

  1. Both songs have a Great Activity feel, but at the same time sound different enough from those songs. Nana-chan’s newer material has starting moving a bit away from the Hybrid Universe sound that had a lot of in-your-face energy (i.e., Eternal Blaze, Super Generation). It’s just as energetic, but in a more subtle way. Massive Wonders, Orchestral Fantasia, and Seven are good examples. Blue Moon isn’t like her past slower songs, which is interesting. It’s got characteristics of her ballads, but also characteristics of her usual material.

    As for insert song or character song…. We’ll just have to see if it gets played in the series like an insert song (which I think it will).

  2. I guess her CD came out first because she’s hot! Twin tail tsundere with killer zettai ryouiki.

    On a more serious note, Nana Mizuki’s probably the selling point, considering her large fanbase, compared to Kanae Ito. I haven’t actually got around to listening to this yet, so I can’t really comment on the song itself! But knowing Nana Mizuki, this should be great.

  3. Ito Kanae is a complete rookie, so that might also be why this was released first. But regardless, an Amu single would have been released first, which further leads me to believe Meikyu Butterfly is an insert song and not a character song.

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