Makino Yui’s 8th Single

Titled “Spirale”, will be the OP for ARIA the ORIGINATION and will be released January 23, 2008.


01. Spirale (OP Theme)
02. Yokogao -acoustic version- (Insert Song)
03. Spirale (Instrumental)
04. Yokogao -acoustic version- (Instrumental)

In similar news, ARIA the ORIGINATION will air on “Tokyo TV” on January 7, 2008 and probably my computer a few weeks later… -_-

2 thoughts on “Makino Yui’s 8th Single

  1. I haven’t really started thinking about the winter season yet, but just knowing that Aria is going to be part of it gets me pumped! Makino Yui has hit a home run with both Undine and Euphoria (and Symphony too), so I’m really looking forward to Spirale.

  2. Yes it’s so close that I can’t contain my excitement!! I’ll re-watch the first two seasons a week before release just to get myself more excited! ^_^’

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