Riuva Contest!

Hey Riuva.com is having a contest and anyone can participate! There are 3 categories and you can enter any of them, yes that means you can enter all three! Each as their own prize:

1) The GAR-Liner {Gurren Laggan T-Shirt}
2) The Romantic Otaku {ef handphone strap and Mascot}
3) The 2nd Demotivational Contest {Cactuar Plushie}

Check their site for details!

I myself entered the 3rd category because, obviously, it’s easier!!! I can’t thing of any GAR filled lies if my life depended on it, plus, I like Dancing Queen’s Gurren Laggan Jacket more!! :) The second one I won’t enter for personal reasons and I don’t want my failure of a love life to be shown to the public!! ^_^’

I’ll show you the (de)motivational image when this contest is done or if I’m for some odd crazy reason mentioned in the top ten!!

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