MonStAR – Hirano Aya

Cute~♥! Very Cute! ^_^

The third of consecutive release of Hirano Aya is upon us!! WAI~! This is the “Happy” one right? Well, it really does show it on its tracks:

1) MonStAR
2) Love Song
3) MonStAR (off vocal)
4) Love Song (off vocal)

“MonStAR” is exactly what I expected it to be when I listened to the small PV preview, a upbeat and poppy song. But I didn’t think it would be catchy and replay itself in my head! Even as I’m typing this, the “twinkle twinkle little MonStAR” part keeps replaying itself!! The second track, “Love Song”, is the better track on this single {that’s two times in a row!} {And again, it’s because I like Hirano Aya’s lower voice better.}

There isn’t really anything new brought to us by MonStAR. LOVE*GUN brought us a new Hirano Aya {‘Rocker’ version}, NEOPHILIA gave us a look at Hirano Aya vocal prowess, but this single didn’t bring anything not shown in her previous work. I mean, it’s a nice single, but nothing here worth mentioning. -_-

Since all three single now have been released and listened/reviewed by me, let see how I’ll rate them.

Single Wise:

I think I’m the only one who’ll like LOVE*GUN more than NEOPHILIA!! But that doesn’t mean I dislike the other ones. I like all of them, I just think LOVE*GUN is better.

Song Wise:
LOVE*GUN > forget me nots… > NEOPHILIA > Love Song > GLITTER > MonStAR

Of course, this is what I think initially, so it might change sometime in the future! ^_^’ Is it weird for me to rate LOVE*GUN {the single} better than NEOPHILIA just because of one song? I think not since I liked the song and the PV!! Something the other singles didn’t achieve!! ^_^

One thought on “MonStAR – Hirano Aya

  1. Monstar > Neophilia > forget me not > love song > Love Gun > glitter

    I just can’t listen to Love Gun… it’s too pop punk for my tastes and god knows i got way too much of that when i was in college _|-|O… listening to neophilia again, i still like it, but im just not as impressed with it as i was a month ago. i enjoy monstar because it’s much more tame. it’s pop, but not “too pop” like love gun. it’s a song that can play in the background, and not get annoying. Love Song I just didn’t like at all. I was hoping it was a Cure cover, but I knew that wouldn’t be the case…. Musically, I find it boring. Forget me not just stood out more. I really wish Aya would just release an album already so I’d have a better sample of songs to listen to.

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