Holy Cr@p!!

This surprised me!! All of a sudden my page views jumped significantly this morning.

And it’s all thanks to Google!! Did something happened? Not since yesterday have I ever gotten a link from Google. Most of the links were from WordPress tags or links from other websites, but now it’s mostly filled with Google image links.

Click Image for bigger Size

Does anyone else get a lot of Google links? Or is this just some odd thing that happened?

4 thoughts on “Holy Cr@p!!

  1. Check your Search Engine Terms…. for some reason a handful of people were searching “hirano aya tea shop beloved” today. Why? I have no clue. :P My favorite search term for today was “yaoi in bathtubs”

    I did a google image search for “hirano aya” and Open Your Mind is on the first page of listings, and considering that Monstar came out today/yesterday, it’s probably truckloads of people searching for it.

    Something similar happened to me awhile back… some blogger in Korea was trying to get more votes for Fate during Saimoe and linked a couple of my entries. :D

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