Hidamari Sketch 2nd Season Announced!!!

“A second season for the Hidamari Sketch anime series was announced via posters at November 18’s Chō Hida Matsuri (Super Hida Festival) event. The Hidamari Sketch x 365 anime project is planned for 2008, along with a reported one-year Hidamari Radio program hosted by the personality Kana Asumi (Hidamari Sketch’s Yuno) and more events. Hidamari […]

Heads Up

I’m very easily distracted by things, and it usually makes me forget other things I’m working on or doing. Which in effect stretches the time it takes for me to write a post. My easily distracted mind plus my constant procrastination is what really keeps me from posting constantly. Which is kinda good because I […]

Blood Bending?

So I marathoned the third season of “Avatar the Last Airbender” [up to episode 51] and I gotta say, episode 48 “The Puppetmaster” was the most interesting. It introduced a new bending technique that only the Waterbenders can do…and it’s the most deadliest in my opinion!! I’ve seen Avatar since the first episode and tried […]

Teru-teru Bouzo! ^_^

/me dies of Chiaki moe~♥ Funny thing is, she actually stopped the rain!! LOL! I’ll hang one of those in my place!! ^_^ … … … That came out, ‘pedophilic’. -_-‘ {I prefer to use ‘lolicon’.} ==================== Teru-teru Bouzo – From Wikipedia