ef -a tale of memories- ‘special’

ef Title Screen

LOL! AHAHAAHH!! Oh man!!! I can’t believe SpeigelEiXXL actually released his ‘karaoke’ of “euphoric field”, the OP for ef!!! The first time I heard it was when he linked it in #losslessone channel a while back. But I never thought I would listen to it again! ^_^

Heck, I like to karaoke to some OP/ED’s too [and actually sang along with him], but I do not have the balls to record myself and let the masses listen {I feel like I’m sparing them the pain of my voice!!!} SpiegelEiXXL, I tip my hat off to you…if I had a hat! ^_^’

<SpiegelEiXXL> hell
<SpiegelEiXXL> something IS wrong with this microphone
<fireboy88> ?
<tazmanian> lol @ comment = .
<SpiegelEiXXL> http://spiegeleixxl.doesntexist.org/%5bSpiegelEiXXL%5d_EuphoricField_BAD.mp3
<SpiegelEiXXL> i should change the micro position
<guuchan> u really sang it o.o
<SpiegelEiXXL> ya
<SpiegelEiXXL> you dont know im a karaoke singer?
<SpiegelEiXXL> http://spiegeleixxl.doesntexist.org/Singing/
<SpiegelEiXXL> D:
<SpiegelEiXXL> old ones
<SpiegelEiXXL> but dont listen
<SpiegelEiXXL> your eyes die
<SpiegelEiXXL> i wonder what happens if i put it on niconico
<SpiegelEiXXL> xD
<Meitsuzzz> you get bashed
<Meitsuzzz> :P

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