ef -a tale of memories- 07

ef Title Screen

After marathoning the new episodes {4~7}, just one scene left me with an impression:



All you see is a single solitary person with nothing around her, and the second image complete jargon. {FYI: They are Japanese characters.}

In this episode we learned about Miyako’s past and why she said she doesn’t want to ‘disappear’ again. You would think, with what she said, that Miyako is a some otherworldly entity that for some reason disappears again and again…but she’s not. She said that sentence figuratively. She doesn’t not want to disappear again…from people’s hearts.

In previous episodes, Kei said that she’ll erase Miyako from  Hiro’s heart and that she won’t lose to her…it was a love rivalry declaration really. So in episode six, they both ask him to a date…kinda. Miyako does, but Kei just invites him to watch her basketball match and that she’ll have something important to tell him at the end. Hiro chose to go with Miyako, but as he was about to leave, he got a call about Kei having a basketball injury, so he ditched Miyako before even meeting her.

And that’s where this scene comes in. That solitary person is Miyako, who was waiting for Hiro for hours, she’s calling Hiro {in voice messages} and asking why he’s late or why he won’t pick up the phone. At first, she was the same’ol Miyako and asking the way she’ll normally ask for something. But as the messages go on, and no answer from Hiro, you start to hear desperation and fear in her voice. Not only that, but the chosen BGM at the time she started to sound desperate was a very nice addition that actually made my heart race. Another great thing was that there really was nothing going on on screen, just the messages appearing as she talked, and you can’t see Miyako’s face, which left it to your imagination to imagine what she must look like. Towards the end the fear in her voice is more noticable and sounds like she’s about to break down…which she eventually does and starts crying and revealing her fear of disappearing from his heart.

During all this time, Hiro wasn’t answering his phone because he was taking care of Kei. And in the last scene of this episode, Hiro goes out to buy dinner while Kei stays behind and rests. That’s where she sees Hiro’s cell phone and all the messages {100!!!} Miyako left. She, of course, deletes them…


Now I’m really looking forward to see how this turns out. ef wasn’t really a MUST WATCH NOW series, but with this, I’ll be paying a bit more attention!

2 thoughts on “ef -a tale of memories- 07

  1. I just skimmed the episode because I’m a couple episodes behind on ef… but I did catch a bit of the scene that you screencapped and was like “wtf?!” Need to watch it this weekend.

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