synchronicity – Makino Yui

synchronicity - Makino Yui

I already said a few words on “synchronicity” over in that post, but here it is anyways:

more Makino Yui goodness as she sings the OP, “synchronicity“. As you know, I love Makino Yui’s tender soft voice, and anything new by her is always welcomed. It’s different from her usual stuff, this song has some techno-ish type beats along with some really nice back-up vocals! ^_^

Different doesn’t always mean it’ll suck. But I think the sole reason I like the song is because of Makino Yui’s voice, I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH!! Usually it’s the song itself that I tend to like first, but with Makino Yui, it’s her voice first and after a few listens the song/music/rythm/etc. starts to grow on me soon after.

I know that singles usually come with another song by the same artist, and I was hoping of hearing a brand new song from Makino Yui, but we just get another version of “Amurita“. But don’t get me wrong, I love that song and in this single it’s sung along with a piano! And if you know me, I LOVE ANYTHING SUNG ‘LIVE’ OR ACOUSTICALLY!! As much as I love the original song and the impact of when the song picks up on the “Gin-iro no Ame ga futte kitara” part, I’ll be sticking with this version for a while. Makino Yui’s voice is very good, but the piano could’ve been better rhythmically in it’s solo, but it was still good.

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