Mizuki Nana – GREAT ACTIVITY + Summer Festa 2007

Great Activity

Mizuki Nana’s 6th album is here!!! And I only have two of them, three with this one… -_-‘

I’m an early Mizuki Nana fan. That means that the first thing I heard was the bad-ass album “Hybrid Universe”, which is an album with great energy and full of awesome tracks, and “The Museum”, which is like a ‘greatest hits’ collection. So I already think very highly of Mizuki Nana and expect things like those albums, if not better. And so far, those expectations have been met with singles like “SECRET AMBITION” and “MASSIVE WONDERS”, which took a while for me to like.

With those expectations, I feared that it would be crushed by a mediocre album. Luckily though, GREAT ACTIVITY turned out to be pretty good!! ^_^ This album has a bit of everything. Like the unexpected hard rock “Bring it on!”, the slow but good “Promise on Christmas”, my {now} favorite “SECRET AMBITION”, and for the long time Mizuki Nana fan, “Aoi iro”!! (Which I heard came out like a year ago.)

It’s a good album indeed, but not as good as “Hybrid Universe” or “The Museum” where I DO NOT skip a single song. But I know that the more I listen to it, the more I’ll get to like it. Initially I didn’t like “Aoi iro”, but after a few replays, it ended up being one of my favorite tracks from this album, with “SECRET AMBITION” being my favorite because of Nanoha! ^_^

As a special treat, there was also a Concert DVD.

Summer Festa 2007

What a treat this concert was!! It wasn’t just about singing some songs, it was about Nana’s best 10 songs!! That’s 10 of the BEST SONGS by Mizuki Nana!! ^_^ And boy is there a lot good stuff to choose from! I haven’t been a Mizuki Nana fan for a long time, so some of the songs will be completely new to me. Just like the Gekisou concert, I’ll show some screenshots and my rating of the song or performance. You’ll rarely see a two or a one as these are THE BEST songs! ^_^’ This concert started with a song not on the top ten, it’s number eleven actually, Level Hi! And it was a great way to energize and start the concert!!

10. You Have a Dream – ♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007
Maid Nana~♥

Summer Festa 2007
Nana: “You have a dream” ME: Fulfilled!


Once in a while, we get a short break from the concert and are given a longer list…there is a top 50!!

50. Futari no Memory
49. 76th Star
48. It’s in the bag
46. refrain
45. Faith
44. cherish
43. Ripureimashin -custom-
42. Teremido-re
41. STAND By the way, I’ll be romanizing the titles…


09. Suddenly ~muriaete~ – ♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007
I can’t help but be reminded of Sakura (CCS) when I see this outfit!! ^_^

Summer Festa 2007

08. New Sensation – ♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007
I definitely got a new sensation!!

Summer Festa 2007
A new interest sensation that is!!


Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007

Great song after great song is overwhelming, in a good way! ^_^ All of these song have the best combination of vocals and energy that makes you overflow with adrenaline.


Time for another break. Initially I thought this was going to be a bit troublesome, interfereing with the concert. But it gives you some time to calm down from the awesome concert and bring your adrenaline/excitement level down a bit!! Besides, this gives me a bit a time to comment a bit on Mizuki Nana’s “thing” that I just found out…I’m sure any othe Mizuki Nana fan already know this!

I’ve NEVER seen a Mizuki Nana concert or performance before. But in the few pictures that I’ve seen, I saw that she wore some eccentric clothing. At first I thought it was part of the theme for that concert. But I learned she changes clothing every performance or so! This was confirmed while watching the vast variety of weird, yet cute, costumes she wears during her performances! This ‘break’ that shows off Nana’s top 50 really is a great thing {for me} to see all the wild costumes she has wore!! ^_^ A definate plus!!

So with that, let’s continue the top 50:
39. JUMP!
38. Hikari
37. Huri-sutairu
36. Takaramono
35. Hime murasaki
34. The Place of Happiness
32. Open Your Heart
31. Brilliant Star

Now on with the show!!

06. Tears’ Night – ♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007
I never heard this song before…but its OK.

Summer Festa 2007

05. Heart-Shaped Chant – ♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007

04. Crystal Letter – ♥♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007

03. ETERNAL BLAZE – ♥♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007
I loved this performance the BEST!!


30. Hoshisora to Tsuki to Hanabi no Shita
29. Ano hi Yumemita negai
28. White Lie
27. Anone ~mamimume mogacho~
26. deep sea 25. What cheer?
24. Inside of Mind
22. Zankoku no Gaia
21. Mirakuru fuaraito


02. POWER GATE – ♥♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007
That was awesome, she went up there with the fans!!

Summer Festa 2007
And ended up on stage again for a great performance!!

So by now you should realize what #1 is!! I had an idea even before I started this, and since I didn’t see it in the top 50, of course it’s goin to be #1!!


But before that, here are 20-11!! ^_^ Now I’m starting to recognize them… -_-‘

20. Take a Shot 19. still in the groove
18. Justice to Believe
16. Orugo-ru to piano to -holy style-
15. Aoi iro
11. Level Hi!


01. innocent starter – ♥♥♥♥♥

Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007
Awwww~! ♥

That was the best/pretties costume IMO. All man…it’s over. :( Nothing else to do but watch the credits roll up and…eh?…wait a minute!! There’s still a few more performances!!! ^_^ And one of them is a song that didn’t make the top 10 but is one of MY FAVORITE! Also, it’s acoustic version!!! Wai~!

??? I don’t know the name of this song, I’ve never heard it before. If anyone knows, tell me so I can put it up here. It’s a nice song and I really liked it.

Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007

Hoshisora to Tsuki to Hanabi no Shita

Summer Festa 2007

Summer Festa 2007


Summer Festa 2007
/me likes her shiny cherry-red colored outfit!!

Summer Festa 2007

I loved it!! I’ll be looking forward for any new Mizuki Nana concert. Mostly because I want to see her in more costumes! ^_^’

5 thoughts on “Mizuki Nana – GREAT ACTIVITY + Summer Festa 2007

  1. Great Activity hit #2 on the Oricon charts! Hybrid Universe only made it #3 in 2006. Nana-chan has now set the record for highest ranked seiyuu on the Oricon charts. :D Hayashibara Megumi and Sakamoto Maaya never ranked higher than #3. As you probably can tell, I’m excited.

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