Hidamari Sketch 2nd Season Announced!!!

Hidamari Sketch

A second season for the Hidamari Sketch anime series was announced via posters at November 18’s Chō Hida Matsuri (Super Hida Festival) event. The Hidamari Sketch x 365 anime project is planned for 2008, along with a reported one-year Hidamari Radio program hosted by the personality Kana Asumi (Hidamari Sketch’s Yuno) and more events.

Hidamari Sketch is based on Ume Aoki‘s manga about a high school for the arts and the everyday life of four of its students. The first season aired in from January to March on the TBS MBS television network. The first of two special episodes screened at the TBS Anime Festa 2007 event on August 11-12 and both special episodes ran on the BS-i satellite channel on October 18.”

–Source: Anime News Network 

I couldn’t be happier!! ^_^ With Tsubasa Chronicles up coming episodes and Hidamari Sketch 2nd season announcement…I could literally jump for joy!

2 thoughts on “Hidamari Sketch 2nd Season Announced!!!

  1. More seasons for Hidamari Sketch AND Aria. I couldn’t ask for more! I wish the 2 special episodes for Hidamari Sketch would get subbed by someone… anyone. (Same goes for that Manabi Straight OVA).

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