Blood Bending?

So I marathoned the third season of “Avatar the Last Airbender” [up to episode 51] and I gotta say, episode 48 “The Puppetmaster” was the most interesting. It introduced a new bending technique that only the Waterbenders can do…and it’s the most deadliest in my opinion!!

I’ve seen Avatar since the first episode and tried to follow it as close as I could. During that time, I always had the idea that water bending was the weakest bending of the bunch. Unlike Fire, Earth, or Air, you must have a source of water in order to bend. Earth and Air are everywhere so Earthbenders and Airbenders can bend {mostly} anywhere and anytime, so can Firebenders, who somehow are able to make fire out of thin air…kinda unfair for the Waterbenders right? I thought so too, and I also thought: “Can’t you just ‘pull’ the water from sources like plants, clouds, or even humans?” Thanks to episode 48, that exact question was answered!!!

True masters of Waterbending are able to pull water from plants and from the moisture in the atmosphere, but it ends up killing the source. But if it’s a matter of survival, it’s OK right?


Katara is the nice and gentle character in Avatar. To the rest of the group, she’s a mother figure to them. Once she learns what this ultimate water technique really was, she {of course} objected to learning it and swore to stop the person. {She found out that the kidnappings were because of this technique.}

{Sorry in advance for the crappy images…-_-‘ }


“You should have learned the technique before going against me!!”

Seriously, it’s a deadly and scary technique…

Katara somehow overcame being controlled by the Blood Bending an stood her ground. She fought with the technique she learned while in the flower fields, extracting water from nearby plants…ultimately killing them. Little does she know that the technique she’s using is the basis for Blood Bending.

+10 Cool point for Waterbending and Katara!! ^_^

She’s still reluctant at using Blood Bending. To her, who always thought of Waterbending as the Healing Element, using such deadly technique that takes over a person’s body and making them do whatever she wants is morally impossible for her. But, nothing changes the mind like a death of life situation…especially if it’s people you love.


Still reluctant.


The only catch of using this technique is that it’s only usable DURING a Full-Moon, when Waterbenders are at their strongest…

37 thoughts on “Blood Bending?

  1. Hmm….Very nice huh? Well Katara is a water bending master right? You think if she was powerful enough and angry enough or something….she could probably do blood bending with out a full moon?

  2. @chaostempest: Katara did use Blood Bending when she went in search of her mother’s killer.

    But it’s weird, the day before she found that ship there was a full-moon, where she would be able to use blood bending. But the night she found the ship is not on a full moon, but yet, she was able to use it. It probably was that pent up anger and revenge feeling she had at the time. Emotion plays a huge part in bending after all!!

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  4. Hi guys i love avatar too. but all of you are wrong… sorry to say that i have a bestfriend( uncle ) who managed or who “maked” the avatar but he says that katara can only do blood bending if it is really full moon and the episode.” THE SOUTHERN RAIDERS” that part is a full moon I swear….not kidding…^_^

  5. no oxygen is an ingredient in air. if Aang could learn all the ingredients of air, he could start taking them away to make it cold, dark or unbreathable!

    how scary!

    • she didnt want to blood bend but she had to to save herself and her friends and pretty much every one else its kind of like the whole world relied on her to blood bend and that a lot of pressure

    • She was crying at the end because she used a type of skill she didn’t want to use. She basiclly thought of herself as a monster.

  6. When I watched her hunt down her mother’s killer and she blood bended I didn’t see this episode yet so it didn’t register to me about any links to the blood bending.

    I believe Katara is a more powerful bender than the witch ever was (so she could probably do it anytime) but it shocked me Katara was angry enough to blood bend against her beliefs.

    • Actually she did. She made it clear tha she first achieved blood bending during a full moon. Also, she told Katara that it was only possible to achieve blood bending during a full moon. She said that before she taught her the trick.

      And as for the question of how Katara was able to break free from Hama’s bending…it’s quite simple. Katara learned how to control the blood flow within her own body. That led to Hama acting surprised because she herself did not know this and began to target Aang and Sokka. Another point is that Katara went on to say that Hama is not the only person who draws power from the moon, which implies that Katara was blood bending herself. The real question should be: how did Katara master blood bending so quicjly when it took Hama years to master hers? I know adrenaline has much of a role but it seems highly unlikely that she was able to pick up such an advanced technique unless she already knew how to do it from the get-go. Katara probably never practiced blood bending anytime before that but I am willing to bet that she has controlled the flow of blood through her own body. She could have probably developed this by practicing healing so much. When she heals, she feels the water within other people. Water and life are connected.

  7. Katara can actually do blood bending outside of a full moon. One of the last few episodes, the Southern Raiders, shows her hunting a guy down.

    When she finds him, she performs blood bending on him. This could not have been a full moon, because the night before that one had been a full moon.

    So, Katara being quite powerful could mean she only needs a moon, but not a full moon to blood bend.

    • Or if you’re really really powerful, I guess you will be able to do it in broad daylight, just no one is that powerful yet.

      • Well, in the Legend Of Korra series, 2 can blood bend without the full moon. Its Tarlof, and Amon. That’s how Amon takes peoples bending away. He blocks the blood flow allowing them to bend.

  8. this is my favorite episode. katara is my favorite character and it’s nice to see another side of her….although Hans sort of hinted to blood bending in the beginning……quick question for everyone…..what is it fav bending type? I would aol be a water bender

  9. Why Katara learned it in a snap is easy. Its because she is a better bender than Hama. Also, maybe the thought of her crush, Aang, getting killed by a sword because of Hama. <3

  10. Well, in the Legend Of Korra series, 2 can blood bend without the full moon. Its Tarlof, and Amon. That’s how Amon takes peoples bending away. He blocks the blood flow allowing them to bend.

    • in the legend of korra Amon uses bloodbending severing the victim’s body which disaling them to do ending. Avatar Aang on the other hand did energybending to take away the bending capabilities of a person like he did to Ozai and to Yakone (when he’s older). he also uses energybending to return avatar korra’s bending ability (the 3 blocked elements) and the latter used this to return lin beifong earthbending.

  11. Amon makes people have strokes basically. He uses blood bending and makes blood clots in them. The only reason why Korea was able to bend air after am on took her bending away is because when he took her bending away, she only possessed the power of 3 elements, not all 4. He only blocked Water, Fire, and Earth, not Air. Last, the rest circle on his mask might resemble a blood clot. He probably takes it off every night and practices taking peoples bending away.

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