Saimoe 2007 Winner!


Furude Rika

Not really a character I had high hopes of winning…not until the last few rounds anyways. ^_^’

So this marks the end of this Year’s Saimoe Tournament. It wasn’t as exciting as I wanted it to be, most of my favorites were crushed and taken out…{KAGAMI~~!! NOOO~!} I lost a bit of interest of it. But I decided to see it through the end!!

One thought on “Saimoe 2007 Winner!

  1. nippa~

    oh well, it’s over. i thought nagi would win actually, considering kugamiya rie’s current popularity, not to mention the popularity of hayate no gotoku. i guess more people “dislike” nagi than rika. >_> my problem with saimoe is how darn long it runs! it honestly doesn’t get interesting until after you get through the individual group finals.

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