BLEACH – Nel!!!

HAHA! I chose a great time to pick up BLEACH once again!! ^_^

I’ve been waiting for them to enter Hueco Mundo for a long while now {I want to see that Arc animated}, I didn’t know where on the story line the anime was on. So I chose to take a peek and watched episode 146. And it was the moment they entered Hueco Mundo!! Wai~!

As an added bonus, they meet the small tiny little adorable Arrancar named Nel!!

If you follow the manga, you’ll know why she’s awesome!!!

By the way, she is another character voiced by Tomoko Kaneda, who I talked about a while back. Here is another character that isn’t as annoying as Aoi Oribe. Why do I still talk about her? Because she has scarred me… -_- It’s distinctly different, but not enough to not figure out who the seiyuu is!! ;)


4 thoughts on “BLEACH – Nel!!!

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